“let’s go to my room” i pleaded to Jenny. She shook her head, threw a glance at her roomate before reaching for a novel.

“i’ll come later” she murmured with a smile. I shrugged before returning to my room. Frank was anxiously waiting for me with a very horribly look of disappointment.

“instead of carrying on with our plan, you left it to grow beards abi” he asked as we bought suya moments later.

“abeg free me jor” i replied with a frown. He stared at me all over, shook his head and scoffed.


I silently stared at sweet periwinkle as we ate suya in my room. She refused to look my way nor return my gaze, even though i knew she noticed i was staring at her.

“can we talk outside please?” i heard myself say when she finally managed to look my way.

“can’t we talk here?” she asked a bit coldly,

“no” i answered. She breathed deeply, stood up and stared down at me. I smiled, got up and led her outside.

“i’m all ears” she said with a graceful tone as soon as we were alone.

“i’m ready to play ball, just tell me whatever you need, i will do it eagerly” i went straight to the point without mincing words. She stared at me, swallowed hard and scoffed.

“each time i look at you i feel very bitter. You have everything you need to the extent of messing around as if life is a water bed while others are out there suffering just to get a loaf of bread. Anyway i have many problems already, so tell me which you can do. My clothes are getting old, my hair needs fixing, i need money to pay off my depts??” she poured out while i stared at her nervously. I really felt uncomfortable and unwilling to continue with the discussion after hearing all she said. But all i did was just shrug and stare at her silently.

“why are you staring at me in such manner, have you changed your mind?” she asked with a smile.

“no yes, the truth is that i wasn’t expecting such outburst from you. Infact i’m very confused” i murmured truthfully.

“you shouldn’t be, God has a reason for not creating everyone to be equal. So it’s your luck, my hair is 3k, and my depts are equally within the same range, so if you can raise 3k for me, when can get down tonight” she concluded with a dirty smile before returning to the room.


“guy three thousand naira is too much for one night sex na” Frank murmured after i narrated my discussion with sweet periwinkle to him as we switched on my generator.

“but i seriously think she wouldn’t have agreed if not for poverty” i replied.

“that’s exactly my fear. Joy is equally from a very poor home which you know and i’m scared to think she could also do the same because of her condition, moreover they live and work together” he lamented while i shrugged.

“okay just finish up the deal” he added. I searched his face suspiciously.

“what exactly are you planning?” i asked,

“don’t worry in due time, you will know” he replied.

“so how about giving me the money she demanded, you know i’m doing it for you” i asked. He simply sighed and returned to my room without another word.

11pm, Bedtime

I drew close to sweet periwinkle, held her waist, placed my nose on her neck, feeling her sweet body. She kept quiet and breathed quickly as she felt my touch. I was very aroused and excited, but my conscience wouldn’t let me go ahead with it.

“i can’t do it” i whispered to her.
()Going back to EVENTS before bedtime¤¤¤

To be continued.

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