“is something wrong? You suddenly tensed up” Jenny asked, staring at me curiously,

“no i’m alright, i just remembered i will be travelling to Abuja this evening” i replied.

“okay” she shrugged and sat down. I gave her a sweet smile before leaving the staff room, heading to my lodge.


“yea don’t worry about us, go ahead and travel. Joy and her friend will be leaving on sunday. I will stay and wait till you return” Frank assured me when i reminded him of my plans. Seeing he had no problem with me travelling, i quickly prepared for Abuja without wasting time.
“i really don’t know when we will meet again, but i truly enjoyed your company. Do take care of youself and be a good girl” i advised sweet periwinkle when i was about leaving. She nodded and smiled.

“i will miss you too” she confessed, as i discreetly gave her the three thousand Naira i promised her.

“i also don’t like how extreme you go because of money please stop it” i added calmly. Her eyes dropped, she looked down with shame.

“you are so kind, very different from Frank” she murmured as we hugged,

“hmmmm Joy go hear you oo” i joked.

I finally got to owerri later in the evening, before heading to Abuja after spending considerable amount of time at the bus station. My thoughts kept me company as the bus left Owerri, crossed Onitsha, moved into south south before leaving the southern region.
My heart furiously pounded because i really didn’t know what awaited me over there nor the level of damage Elinor had done.

When my anxiety became unbearable i called Frank, Jenny, Tessy and even Adaora on phone but none answered {because it was in the middle of the night} Perhaps they were all asleep.

I finally remembered Selena, and dialled her phone number, luckily she answered with her usual lively tone, keeping me company with her voice till i got to Abuja early saturday morning.

6am Adaora’s house

I walked into the compound, stopped at the entrance door and rang the door bell nervously. I Anxiously waited with fear.

I did ring the door bell thrice before Adaora finally opened the door, stared at me with a blank expression and said nothing.

I stared back at her, my family wife and future, without knowing what to say….

Conscience is a very strong feeling capable of snitching on you anytime, anywhere.

To be continued.

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