She soon realised what she was doing, dropped the electric iron and backed me.

“i have sacrificed alot for this relationship, i won’t let it crumble over this, but i equally won’t forgive you either” she cried. I watched her silently without knowing what to say.

“i want to see your Tessy, i want to have a little talk with her, i want to see her disgusting face” she cried and faced me once again, breathing deeply as her eyes fell on my bloody head.

“won’t you go and wash your head?” she asked coldly, but with concern.

“i rather die than face all the humiliations you are planning for me” i murmured.

“sorry mr man, but you will live to see them all, so better go and wash your head” she commanded, but i still refused to move an inch. She rolled her eyes, grabbed her flask {filled with hot water} and dragged me to a sink close by.
“i’m sorry for wounding you, but the cut isn’t deep” she apologized as she washed my head.

“i hate what i’m doing this moment” she murmured. I kept quiet and pretended not to hear her.

“but seriously what were you thinking dating an old woman, I thought only poor boys do that? Or have you gone broke or what, seriously i need more explanations because i really don’t see the motive behind such behaviour” she asked curiously.

“i really think you were misinformed by whoever was passing information across to you. I also never said i was dating any old woman nor having any sexual relationship with Tessy, all i agreed was that i knew her, expecting you to be reasonable enough to ask how and why, but you instantly concluded and took law in your hands like an illiterate” i said a bit angrily. She stared at me with surprise.

“do you remember the rural water project dad handled in 2007?” i asked, while she nodded with a suspicious look,

“Tessy brokered the deal for him, and since i’m dad’s only son she reached out to me hoping we continue doing business with her. Then last saturday she invited me over for her son’s birthday, which i attended without telling you and that’s the only thing i did wrong, which i’m equally apologizing for” i explained innocently,

“i don’t believe you, moreover you were willing to end our relationship over her and i also remember you begging me not to tell your family” she replied intelligently.

“of course i did, because i figured if you can’t believe me then no one will” i concluded with a shrug.
“just like you earlier said, i have no motive for having a sugar mummy, how much will she give me, that you can’t afford supposing i’m broke?” i asked. Her eyes dropped in doubt.

“i just don’t know, moreover the evidence against you is very strong and the young girl who told me everything was so sure of herself” she said, placing a hand on her head.

“how young is she?” i asked anxiously,

“between 20 to 23 or so, dark and slim, do you know her?” she asked seriously.

“hell no, i don’t” I truthfully answered, because her description dosen’t in any way match Elinor’s features.

“i still have lots of questions to ask and i believe your Tessy will clear it up herself, or do you object??” she asked seriously, her eyes scanning my face like a ‘lie detector. I breathed deeply, fully aware i wasn’t getting away easily, and equally regretting why i regrouped very late, after almost admitting all my wrong doings.

Adaora wasn’t gullible nor stupid, she definetly knew what she was doing.

To be continued.

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