Adaora walked into my room, sat on the bed and stared at me,

“what are you thinking?” she asked curiously,

“about everything, and i hate how you behave sometimes” i replied calmly,

“okay i have heard. But maybe one day i’ll try cheating on you, so you can taste the pain and suffering i always pass through for your sake” she replied and sat up.

“i came to keep you company but your obnoxious behaviour won’t let us have a decent conversation, i’m leaving” she muttered with a frown. I reached forward and grabbed her hand.

“don’t be too intense dear, i’m sorry, okay!, can you guess what i need now?” i asked. She looked at me and shrugged,

“no” she answered. I stood beside her, pulled off my clothes, grinning like a mad man while she gasped, her eyes sparkled and her face coloured.

“i think you need help” she managed to murmur,

“of course i need your help” i laughed and pushed her to the bed. She fell and screamed.

I was instantly all over her kissing, caressing and pinching. She bit, struggled and yelled until we were both unclad.

“you are sick” she cursed,

“you too” i cursed back, grabbing her hand and resting it on my stick.

“what are you doing?” she asked,

“nothing” i replied.

“each time we quarrel you always force me into having s.ex with you why?” she asked curiously,

“because i do have the most urge after fighting with you” I replied. She sat up and stared at my stick.

“i don’t know why i’m doing this, but it still dosen’t change anything between us. We are still seeing Tessy tomorrow” she said to me before playing with my stick, which she rubbed, and su.cked for a while before lowering her kit.ty over it.

“seriously i have invested all my life, feelings and everything into this relationship that i really don’t know myself again. I always end up doing the opposite of what i planned each time i see you, but don’t take it as foolishness because a girl like me can go to the extreme when extracting her own pound of flesh” she whispered into my ear as she rode me. I smiled, held her strongly and came {c-m.m.ed}.

“we did it again without condom abi?” she asked as she got away from me,

“you gave me no time to get one nau” i defended. She walked to the bathroom, while i followed her because i wasn’t yet satisfied. We did two more rounds in there.

“just pray Tessy covers your a.ss tomorrow, or else i will be forced to do something nasty. I’m very serious about it” she warned as i ravaged her.

I knew she was d--n serious, dashing all my hopes and spoiling my mind. I really had hoped i could get her change her mind about seeing Tessy, but couldn’t.

To be continued.
Betrayal comes up by noon

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