“what do i do with you?, why do like destroying my happiness?, am i simply wasting my time with you?” she cried as we walked into the house.

“stop talking nonsense dear, I took you to Tessy’s house just to show you i have nothing going with her. What silly idea got into your head again?, calm down” i begged, but instead of stopping, she cried out more.

“stop lying jare, you can’t fool me with that unconvincing excuse” she faced me, ready for another fight,

“you are wounding yourself my love, just try and be reasonable for once, I beg of you” I pleaded,

“reasonable huh?, for how long will i have to put up with your lies and deciet, before you realise i’m being fair with you? You are just taking me for granted” she cried.

“alright what else will you have me do to prove my innocence, dearest?” I asked with a soothing smile,

“alot, you have to do alot to convince me, but first do know that i will be travelling to the east with you whenever you choose to return” she announced. I gasped with surprise,

“what for dear?, i don’t understand” i seriously asked,

“perhaps i havn’t been giving you all my attention, perhaps i havn’t been caring enough. All that will change from this moment and i’m not doing it for you, but for my happiness and for your family” she explained. I speechlessly stared at her.

“is there a problem travelling with you?, or are you hiding another girl in your little village room?” she asked suspiciously.

“c’mon dear stop talking nonsense, travelling with me isn’t the solution, moreover i can’t guarantee your safe being and health over there. The community isn’t like the ones you have seen, the rain and mosquitoes are still having a good time there, please get this idea off your head” i begged desperately.

“don’t worry about me, I can live with you in the desert if need be, so don’t try to discourage me, my mind is already made up” she concluded tearfully. I rubbed my face and swallowed hard, wondering what has come over her.

“I hate to say this but from this moment, nothing about you will ever escape me again, i will be your shadow. Drastic times call for drastic measures” She added, cleaned her eyes and left for her room, leaving me as stunned as ever.

“how far will she go?” I wondered with a deep breathe. Her change of atitude truly got me worried, leaving me extremely scared and uneasy. But I couldn’t blame her because i understood how badly she felt with just the thought of what she suspected me of doing.

“how far will she go with me?” i heard myself ask again, having no choice than to come up with a quick plan.

To be continued.

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