I felt an inner peace as i returned from Tessy’s shop, so glad that i was finally able to push away the evil spirit in me and do the right thing.

I busied myself with my stories for the rest of that day even though Tessy’s phone calls never allowed me to concentrate. “what else does she want to tell me?” i kept wondering as i rejected her calls.

Adaora returned later in the evening looking very serious and tired. We didn’t say much to each other, until she called me up for dinner by 7pm.

“how was work?” i asked,

“very strenious, our director virtually turned me into a messenger today. I kept running from one office to another” she replied with a smile, “you are yet to gist me on how you teach your students, i have been dying to hear the story but your behaviour hasn’t allowed me to ask” she said curiously, her eyes scanning me eagerly,

“Teach wetin? I settled the principal with 10k jare, we are now pals and i virtually do nothing in that school” i boasted,

“Tufiakwa, ajó nwa{bad pikin} that’s the only thing you are good at. I don’t blame you” she cursed jokingly,


I was busy typing a story with my phone, when she walked into the sitting room, stared at me suspiciously, came forward and rested on my body. I quickly saved the story i was typing, and opened another nairaland page.

“who are you chatting with?” she asked,

“chat kwa?, c’mon you know i hardly spend my precious time chatting online” i replied. She breathed deeply, and sat up with a tired look.

“i’m reading a sex story, care to join?” i asked as i offered her my phone,

“she stared at the screen, went through few lines and sighed,

“jobless boy” she murmured, returned my phone, and stood up.

“please come and keep me warm, i want to sleep” she begged, grabbed my left hand and dragged me to my feet.


“please dear don’t romance nor tickle me, i’m very tired. Just hold and keep me warm abeg” she ordered when we settled on her bed.

“yes madam” i answered.


I jolted from sleep as she shook me ferociously. My heart skipped as i stared at her curiously,

“i think someone just gained access to our apartment, i’m hearing strange sounds coming from the kitchen, what do we do?” she asked fearfully,

“are you sure of what you are saying? This neighbourhood is very safe na” i asked unseriously,

“yea i’m sure, let’s check it out” she insisted,

“no you can wait here, while i check it out myself, quickly hide the laptops and phones, but don’t hide your old nokia, do it fast please” i whispered nervously. She quickly switched on the bulb, did all i ordered and wore a blue jean trouser. The light{electricity} went off seconds later.

“you see, i’m right, they have gotten to our fuse box” she said fearfully, sending more fear into my fragile heart. I looked out of the window and saw light {electricity} in other compounds. “d--n” i cursed.

“let me call Musa, i know he’s probably sleeping on duty” she whispered to me,

“alright you can do that while i go check it out” i said and made to leave, but she quickly held me,

“let’s check it out together, i can’t risk you going out there alone” she offered, switched on the {old} nokia {phone} light and took a step forward.

“ain’t you calling Musa again?” i asked nervously, but before she could answer, a flash light fell on us, almost blinding our eyes..

To be continued.

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