Frank travelled back to Okitipupa town the following day, leaving Adaora and i all alone. Things went smoothly for the first two days allowing Adaora and i to enjoy each other, but however on saturday, Akunna showed up unexpectedly, without the slightest clue that her elder brother was following her discreetly. Her brother soon swooped in on us with his friends, like cops, spoiling my weekend and the peace i was enjoying with Adaora.



I was updating my stories, while Adaora concentrated on a home video she was watching, when we heard a calm knock on my door. I lazily ignored it, focusing all my attention to the story i was typing, but Adaora quietly stood up and opened the door, admitting the visitor after a brief chat.

I smiled nervously when i looked up and saw that the visitor was no other person than Akunna. I quickly sat up and stared at her curiously.

“good morning” she greeted before sitting on a plastic chair,

“wow it’s been a while, how are you doing?” i asked calmly. She simply smiled and gave me no reply.

“baby, she’s a good friend living few blocks away, her name is Akunna” I introduced her to Adaora,

“Akunna meet my sweet heart and fiancee Adaora” i equally said to Akunna who nodded nervously.

“i’m so glad you came, i have been dying to ask you some questions. There is this rumour going round about you?” i asked cautiously, while she looked down with shame.

“it’s true and i need your help” she murmured, throwing uneasy glances at Adaora who was busy once again with the home video she was watching.

“which kind of help?” i asked suspiciously, but before she could answer, we were interrupted by someone who knocked heavily on my door as if he wanted to push it down.

I swallowed hard, stood up and opened my door with anger. There stood four young men panting heavily with anger in their eyes, reeking of weed and alcohol.

“so you are the guy who decieved my sister? You again?” one of them asked, leaving me totally shocked, frightened and appalled.

The noise they made soon brought out my neighours and landlady, turning the whole issue into a public affair. Much to my dismay.

To be continued shortly.
Yesterday was a mess. I do apologize

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