“let’s go baby, it’s now a family thing and no longer our problem” i said to Adaora,

“you are right dear, let’s go” she replied. Silently we left Akunna’s house without another word.

“we are you guys coming from?” Jenny asked as she saw us approaching. She was standing under a mango tree, with both hands on her mobile phone as if she was typing something.

“we went to Akunna’s house because her parents summoned me, luckily the girl told them i had no hand in her problem” i explained,

“you are a lucky guy oo” she exclaimed unguardedly, while i instantly gave her a sharp look.

“that’s what i get for being nice to people” i replied calmly.

“i guess you have learnt your lesson” she added. I smiled, shook my head and walked to my room without saying anything else to her.

“jeez that girl’s dad is very harsh” Adaora sighed as she rested on my bed. I smiled, pecked her, went outside and switched on the generator.


Adaora woke me by 7am insisting i take her to church, i grumbled as i tried to talk my way out of it but she kept on insisting. I had no choice than to freshen up and prepare with her. But when we were finally set to leave my room an hour later, someone knocked on my door. I opened it without hesitation and saw Akunna standing outside, looking very unkempt and haggard.

“what’s up?” i curiously asked, after she settled down in my room.

“Val i need your help please” she begged with her eyes on Adaora,

“what is it you want, tell me dear?” i asked calmly.

“i can’t have this baby, i don’t need it, please help me” she begged. I swallowed hard and held her hands,

“i don’t understand” i murmured.

“i want to abort it, please help me, i have tried using herbs but it failed” she pleaded. I instantly coloured up.

“i’m too young to have a child. I can’t let my future crash before me. How do i support myself with a child, what will become of me. Val you are my last hope, please don’t destroy the rest of my broken spirit. Suggest some drugs for me please” She begged.
I was instantly thrown into a big confusion,

“do i help her or not?” I wondered.

To be continued.
LITTLE WINNIE & BETRAYAL comes up later in the day…

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