Adaora calmly walked up to her, squatted by her side and held her hands.

“my dear you shouldn’t talk like that, it’s a big sin” she cautioned softly, “A child is a special gift from God and he alone has the power to decide over a child’s life. Aborting your baby isn’t the best solution” she advised her.

“I know but i have no choice, c’mon look at me, how dry and dejected i’m. What do you think will become of me when i eventually give birth?, no, no, no i can’t bring a child into this world to suffer for my carelessness, i rather terminate it and wait for judgement day” she murmured seriously, shaking Adaora with her words.

“c’mon Val tell her something nah” i heard Adaora say to me, i breathed deeply and shrugged.

“my dear i think she’s cruelly right, you have done your part by reminding her of the consequencies let her be” I replied, while she gasped.

“VAL!!! What nonsense are you talking eeh?” she asked curiously.

“i’m not in support or against anything, the decision is hers and the child’s father to make, nne{dear} have you spoken with the guy responsible?” i asked her. She swallowed hard and looked away.

“i havn’t revealed this to anyone because it’s very shameful, but i have no choice since i need your help” she murmured sadly.
“i had sex with two guys last month. I had sex with my exboyfriend and with my current boyfriend. I can’t really tell how it happened because they both used protection” she murmured shyly. Adaora and i gasped.

“you had sex with two guys in a month chei” Adaora exclaimed, while i shrugged silently.

“you see why i need help? I can’t bring such child into the world to suffer, it’s so unfair to subject an innocent child into such misery. I just need some prescriptions and nothing more” she pleaded seriously. Adaora shook her head, stood up and stared at me.

“what do you have to say oga” she asked of me, Sending me into deep thoughts.

I knew helping the unlucky girl had its own dangerous consequencies, thereby putting me in a burning chair as i contemplated on whether to do the right thing and refuse her request or follow my heart and help her out.

To be continued.
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