Adaora seeing how confused i was, faced the girl again.

“you are yet to tell us whether your boyfriend or Ex is aware of your situation?” she asked her. She stared at Adaora nervously, stood up and breathed deeply,

“I’m sorry for coming here to disturb you guys with my problem. I have to get going, moreover you are about leaving for church” She murmured and made to leave, carefully avoiding Adaora’s question.

“no don’t talk like that dear. We really do appreciate your visit and the way you shared everything with us. Don’t you Val?” Adaora calmly said to her, before asking me with a smile.

“of course i do appreciate” i murmured with a nod.

“so how about the prescription i asked for?” she asked searchingly. I breathed deeply and scratched my head.

“I really don’t know any abortion pill. I really wish i do or could help, i’m very sorry” i said to her with a sad look, while she covered her face with her palms, totally dejected and disappointed.

“please can you help me with one thousand Naira?” She begged after a minute of silence.

“sure dear, with all pleasure” Adaora replied, reached for her hand bag, fetched a thousand Naira note and gave to her. She collected it with a smile, thanked her and left my room without another word.

“what’s she up to?” Adaora asked fearfully. I shrugged and held her,

“I don’t know dear, but i pray she dosen’t do anything silly” I replied. She breathed deeply and shrugged.

“dam.n! we are now late for church, but it wouldn’t stop us from attending, let’s start going dear” She ordered seconds later. I frowned and obeyed.
We spent the rest of that sunday thinking and talking about Akunna’s problem. I really felt a bit guilty for not helping her the way she wanted, but equally was very glad for not risking my head to help her.

“what do you think will become of her life?” Adaora kept asking me with concern.


I jolted from my bed, as i heard knocks on my door. I fearfully waited for some minutes, before bravely peeping through the keyhole.

I opened my door seconds later, and gasped with Surprise when my eyes fell on Akunna’s mum and brother, standing beside my landlady.

“my daughter is missing, have you seen her?” The old woman asked hopefully, throwing me into a deeper shock.

To be continued.

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