“I last saw her this morning, when she showed up to apologize over what happened on saturday” i answered calmly. The old woman breathed deeply and looked down sadly. I was very touched and shaken.

“we havn’t seen her since she left the house in the morning” She informed me unhappily, shrugged and left with her daughter, without speaking another word.

“sorry for disturbing, good night” my landlady said to me, before going over to her apartment.

I spent the rest of that night and the next day feeling very guilty and uneasy for not helping the unfortunate girl the way she wanted. I feared it was my inability to help, which aided or pushed her to disappear.

“where could she be” i kept wondering.
Adaora left for Enugu very early on Tuesday to visit her mum and mine, leaving me all alone with my boring life once again.

“your girlfriend is gone and your cook Akunna is missing, hmmm destiny” Jenny jokingly said to me, when we were alone in my room, Tuesday evening.

“who knows where Akunna might be” i thoughtfully muttered,

“who knows? But seriously you were indeed lucky, i really feared she was going to accuse you” she replied with a smile. I drew close and grabbed her left hand playfully, but she surprisingly shivered under my touch, something i havn’t noticed her do so easily.

“so you were praying for her to accuse me?” i asked with a curious smile.

“of course not, why should i wish you bad? You have done nothing wrong to me” she murmured and tried to snatch away her hand, which i held strongly.

“please release your grip, i’m not comfortable” she pleaded. I stared at her with a smile, while she blushed.

“i don’t just know what to do with you, i’m yet to understand you” i bent and whispered into her left ear,

“you are a very big temptation to me, i don’t understand myself either” she confessed uneasily. I gently kissed her neck and ear seductively, breathing heavily as i tasted her flesh.

“oh val pleassseee stop, you have have a girlfriend and i have someoneeee, what we are do– doing is called che –cheating” she stammered nervously.
With one quick move, i grabbed and squeezed her right b---m, while she screamed and shook ferociously, like someone sex starved.

She never encouraged nor resisted my advances that fateful evening, because we couldn’t continue prentending or playing with our feelings. We badly wanted each other, and even though we knew we were following a very wrong path which could be very destructive and dangerous, we couldn’t help ourselves nor control the dangerous urge in us.


To be continued.
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