“don’t worry about me, i’m perfectly fine” Akunna replied, carefully avoiding my questions.

“i hope so, i really do hope, my dear” i murmured before hanging up.

Jenny woke up minutes later, sat up and stared at me with shame in her eyes,

“good morning” she greeted quietly, i smiled, held her hand and breathed deeply,

“I don’t like the look on your face, please brighten up” i said to her,

“how can i brighten up when i have sold my soul to the devil? I just cheated on my guy, and the worst is that he will be coming to Owerri on saturday for my sake. How do i face him? I have never cheated on him” she poured out nervously. I gave her a reassuring smile, drew her to my body and held her softly.

“i know what we did last night was outrageous, even though i can’t deny that i enjoyed it. Crying over split milk is simply a waste of effort, and loosing your boyfriend because of guilt dosen’t make any sense. I beg of you, please brighten up, put everything behind you and let’s prepare for school” i calmly said to her. She breathed deeply and shrugged.

“it sounds very easy to you because you are good at lying and decieving vunerable people” she murmured accusingly,

“please don’t breathe a word about what happened between us to anybody” she begged before leaving my room.

As i was dressing up for school minutes later, my phone rang. I breathed deeply and hesitated when i saw it was Tessy calling. After breaking up with her the previous week, i havn’t been able to summon up enough courage to answer her phone calls.

“hi Tess” i greeted calmly,

“hi Val” she mimicked my tone,

“i guess i’m now a parasite to you abi??, no wahala” she said softly,

“so how have you been doing?” i asked polietly,

“very bad without you” she answered,

“i will be at Calabar this evening for a friend’s mother’s burial holding tomorrow. On thursday evening, i will be at Owerri for your sake. Please don’t disappoint me by not showing up, i won’t forgive you if you do so” she said seriously.

“okay, i will be waiting” i replied and yawned,

“i also will be coming with something which will excite you” she added, laughed and hung up.
Thursday slowly crept in, i woke up feeling very dizzy and nauseous. I picked my phone and dialled Akunna’s phone number, but as usual her line refused to connect,

“who knows how she is?” i wondered. Tessy’s phone call minutes later, however brought back my wandering thoughts, i cleared my throat and picked up her call.

“hi Val, hope you are fine?, my friends will drop me at ‘control junction’ around 4pm, please don’t keep me waiting, you know i’m not very familiar with the town” she informed me.

“no wahala” i replied with a fast pounding heart.
Later in the day, I had to rush back from CDS very early, much to jenny’s disappointment, prepared and headed to Owerri as if i was being manipulated by a strong force.

I calmly waited for Tessy at the designated junction till 6pm, but there wasn’t any sign of her which got me a bit angry.
By 6:30pm, a sharp Murano suv, pulled and stopped in front of the catholic cathedral church, within the junction, facing ‘bank road’. I saw Tessy jump down from the car, with her mobile phone on her right ear. My handset rang seconds later.

“don’t worry i have seen you” i answered, hung up, and drove to where she stood. I alighted from my car and polietly hugged a surprised Tessy, who probably never believed i had a car. Her friends grinned and drove away.

“val!” she breathed deeply and called my name.

To be continued.
More updates coming shortly…

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