“so where do we go from here?” i asked with a smile,

“c’mon, don’t be rude” she murmured, walked to my car and settled down in the passenger’s corner. I breathed deeply, joined her in the car and drove to a cute restaurant nearby.


“i missed you a whole lot, i never knew you could be so heartless as to end our relationship so abruptly. It’s very unfair” she poured out as we sat down for a quick meal. I ate silently, clueless on how to reply her.

“you now avoid answering my phone calls, and it pains me to think that you are doing this to me because of your ‘Ada??” she spoke sadly.

“you know i have no choice, i almost lost her due to my carelessness, which you are very much aware of, and i won’t like it to repeat itself, not for anything dear, please understand me” i calmly said to her.

“and you think she loves you much more than i do huh?? Don’t you think perhaps she’s with you because of your wealth” she insinuated mischievously. I looked up at her with a drawn face.

“you insult my fiancee with your words, and you insult my sense of judgement with it. Contrary to what you think, Adaora is from a very rich and influential home” i corrected, while she rolled her eyes, “the car i picked you with, is a gift she gave me in 2010” i lied with a serious look. She instantly stared at me with shock and disbelief.

“so tell me why i should sacrifice such a sweet rich girl for something so fake?” i asked. Tessy’s mood instantly changed from shock to anger.

“how dare you insult my feelings, why would you say what we had between us was fake?” she asked angrily, “please take me to a hotel, i can’t stand you anymore” she added with a coloured face.

“but you are yet to finish your meal?” i asked curiously,

“i have lost my apetite, thanks to you” she murmured. I shrugged and stood up.

We said nothing to each other till we got to All Seasons Hotel, a plush hotel located few distance away from the popular Concorde hotel.
We walked to the reception, where she engaged the receptionist with her requests.

“Val what are you doing here?” I soon heard a very familiar voice ask. Turning round, my eyes fell on my lecturer, a good old man who equally was my project supervisor, when i was rounding up my {university} degree programme.

A young girl was standing by his side, while an older Tessy was standing by my side. We simply stared at each other accusingly.

To be continued.

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