“oh good evening sir” I murmured with surprise, while the old man smiled nervously. I really never understood the reason he even called out my name in the first place, instead of pretending not to see me as others would have done. But i never got to discuss or exchange much words with him, because Tessy tapped my shoulder soon after, and together we went up to the room she paid for.

“i have to start going” i said moments after she had settled down. She looked up and me, scanned my face for a while and closed her eyes without saying anything to me.

“good night” i murmured cautiously, before turning to leave.

“you really derive joy in hurting me, don’t you?” she asked with eyes closed,

“i will be travelling to South Africa next friday for a business trip, i plan on taking you along” i heard her say slowly. I breathed deeply and walked towards the door.

“good Night Tess” i will call you tomorrow. I said with my right hand on the door knob.

“come here Val, don’t be too uptight, it dosen’t fit you. Come dear please” she begged with a smile, stopping me with her words. I hesitated for a while before going back to her. She quickly held my right hand and stared up at me with fire in her eyes.

“let’s stop fighting dear, please i beg of you” she pleaded like i have never seen her do. I swallowed hard as her words warmed me slowly. She stood up, drew down my jaw and kissed me strongly, moaning as she did so.

“oh Val i love you very much, i swear i do” she moaned, broke away from me, pulled off her top and bra, flung them wildly and crashed on me with great force, her unclad bosoms melting my heart as they crushed on my chest.

“oh no stop please” i begged as i tried to compose myself,

“you ain’t leaving me here all alone tonight, i didn’t come to Owerri to see the city” she murmured and fell on the bed, dragging me with her.

“okay wait, wait dear, relax, i think you should freshen up first, you know you are just coming from a burial ceremony” i managed to say.

“i don’t have the strength unless you will bath me yourself” she replied with a deep breathe, before releasing me.

“jeez! You are something else” i exclaimed

“it’s not my fault my dear, i can’t seem to control the cravings in my heart nor my weak body any time i’m with you, I just don’t know what influence you have over me” she murmured with a coloured face.

“seriously i really don’t understand why you rate me so highly, it’s not as if i have something special to offer, moreover i know you come across lots of handsome guys everyday, can’t you just save yourself for one of them?” i asked calmly.

“havn’t we discussed this issue before huh?, see Val, good guys are not easy to come by especially for ladies like me, even if they do, something often prevents a relationship from happening. Moreover most of them tend to judge us poorly like you are now doing. It’s not as if i’m even up to twenty eight years old. Isn’t it so unfair??, unless you are suggesting i get a gigolo for myself which i can never do” she poured out seriously,

“sometimes i see myself as one” i murmured and stood up.

“Val i love you, i really do, but i know you will never understand what someone like me do pass through every day. You reject me because i have children, you despise me because i look desperate, and perhaps you equally curse me in your mind for thinking i could get you to love me”, “it’s alright i know some things are never meant to happen, but circumstances can sometimes make someone to wish the impossible. I’m going to the bathroom, you can leave once i turn my back, it’s hard for me, but there isn’t much i can do anymore” she concluded sadly, undressed{took off her trouser&underwear} before me and went into the bathroom. Leaving me to battle with my conscience.

To be continued shortly. Don’t go away yet…
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