For the first time in my life i had great urge to drown myself in alcohol. I stood indecisive, biting my lips as i thought over her words. My mind was divided on what step to take. A part of me wanted to stay with her while another part wanted me to leave the room instantly. My phone rang moments later, breaking me away from my thoughts.

“oga where are you? What’s still keeping you? Ain’t you returning today??” Jenny anxiously asked over the phone.

“i just don’t know yet dear” i replied quietly,

“what do you mean you don’t know yet? Where are you?, and what’s going to happen to the meal i took pain preparing for you eeh?” she asked with a tensed tone.

“please i’m not in the mood to talk right now, we will talk later” i replied and hung up without waiting to hear her next comment. Tessy emerged from the bathroom seconds later, looking more composed with a calm smile.

“thanks for staying behind, i do appreciate” she said sweetly, as she wore her night wear.

“so is there anything you wish to say to me?” she asked after a while. I breathed deeply and shrugged,

“no nothing, i’m just here to keep you company and nothing more” i replied cautiously.

“so how about the trip to South Africa, are you interested?” she asked,

“no, you know i have lots of things doing here, thanks all the same, you are very kind” i replied with a smile.

“alright as you wish” she murmured before lying down on the bed, backing me and exposing her backside and as.s in a very seductive manner.

“are you going to stand and stare at me all night? C’mon behave like a man and put me on fire” she jokingly said to me, but before i could come up with a reply, my phone rang again, and it was still Jenny calling.

“c’mon don’t bother yourself, we will see tomorrow morning, i got held up in town, i will explain tomorrow okay” i said to her before she could talk, switched off my phone and dropped it on the table close-by. Tessy instantly turned and stared at me suspiciously.

“don’t tell me you have another sweet pie at your lodge huh?” she asked with a dirty smile,

“i owe you no explanation” i replied carefully,

“i know for a fact that your fiancee is currently with your family at Enugu, i spoke with her today, you know we are now pals, didn’t she tell you??”, she asked searchingly, “i can’t believe you are cheating on her not only with me, but with someone more dangerous hmmmm” she poured out mischievously, while i gasped as her words registered in my head.

“shi.t!” i exclaimed nervously, wondering how much she knew about my life with Adaora and how much Adaora must have told her.

“Adaora what do you think you are doing?” i wondered deeply.

Tessy drew close and held me softly,
“don’t tell me you are really cheating on me and your Ada with another girl?” She curiously asked as if she was my second wife.

To be continued.

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