“you are seriously hurting me with your words. I will be forced to leave, if you continue like this” I threatened. She rolled her eyes, scoffed and backed me once again. I settled beside her on the bed and focused all my attention to my phone, which i logged into 2go with.

“it has been a while” i smiled to myself as i read some offline messages.

“seriously you are treating me like a beggar or should i say a pig. Abuja big girl like me, it’s so unfortunate and embarrassing. I can’t believe you are doing this to me” I soon heard Tessy complain. I looked at her for a while, switched off my phone, dropped it on the table, and grabbed her from behind.

“on the contrary, i respect you alot, but i can’t keep on giving you false hopes when i know that you have no place in my future. I like and adore you alot but the type of affair you want us to go into can never happen. You already have kids and once married, put yourself in my position or put your brother in my place, let’s tell each other the truth please” i calmly said to her.

“but it’s not my fault, are you blaming me?” she asked like a little girl,

“i don’t blame you my dear, but we still have to accept the truth. Getting a young husband you desire might be a little hard for you in Nigeria, but it’s not entirely ruled out, so it’s better you shift all your hopes away from me. I don’t deserve you” i explained and kissed her neck.

“but you know i’m willing to stay single, if only you will save some part of you for me. We can continue like we used to, with no strings attached, what do you think?” she asked,

“I think it’s very easy for you to say than do” i replied,

“i’m really serious, we can make it happen, can’t we?” she asked. I breathed deeply and caressed her hand.

“don’t worry i will think it over” i answered,

“you are always thinking over everything” she complained, “i’m ready to accept all your conditions, because you are the only guy who have seen me after my husband and i seperated” she added.

“i know dear, let’s just sleep it’s getting late” i whispered into her ear, grabbed her right b---m and played with it till we slept.


“I doubt you will get a flight to Abuja this early, i think most planes arrive here from 12pm, won’t you get bored waiting for a flight?” i asked curiously as i stopped my car,

“how sure are you about that? Anyway remember i have a friend here, She asked me to come by 9am and i guess she has her reasons” she replied and opened the door,

“alright then, do take care” i said sweetly, drew close and pecked her. She smiled deeply,

“i love you” she said to me before alighting.

As i headed out of the airport, my phone rang,

“hi Chinwe, longest time!, you have forgotten me nau?” i accused,

“hmmmm and you too” she jokingly replied, “i saw you car speed by, thirty minutes ago, where are you going?” she asked,

“and where did you see my car?” i cunningly asked, avoiding her question.

“i was in a bus on my way to the hostel, from home” she replied,

“i’ll be at your room in the next fifteen minutes” i said to her,

“abegi stop pulling my legs” she laughed,

“i’m very serious” i assured her.
10:30am, i stopped my car in front of my old lodge, walked up to Chinwe’s room and knocked on the door. She opened her door, seconds later, smiled happily and hugged me strongly.

“oh dear, i can’t believe my eyes!” she happily exclaimed, while my eyes twinkled.

To be continued shortly.

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