“hmmm you look and smell great” i murmured jokingly as we hugged,

“please stop, i know you are simply being poliet, i know i look awful” she replied and broke away from me. I stared at her searchingly, shrugged and laughed. She truly wasn’t looking very sharp like she used to, but there still wasn’t much change in her appearance.

“so how is mum and your siblings?” i asked as i sat on her bed.

“they are all fine, it’s just that mum’s shop was demolished last week and she had no choice than to move into a poor area which attracts few customers, moreover she isn’t strong like she used to be” she complained unhappily. I held her hand and drew her to my side, forcing her to sit on my laps.

“how about your guy? I hope he is helping out?” i asked curiously. She breathed deeply and shrugged,

“he is battling with his own problems sha” she replied quietly, “So what do i offer you?” she asked, changing the topic.

“you know i’m more interested in your problems than anything, i know you are hiding something from me, please speak up” i begged seriously,

“Val please stop, i just don’t want to talk about it, moreover why should i tell you?” she murmured sadly,

“because we are friends, are we not?” i asked,

“ok very well then”, “i think i’m losing him, i think my {family} problems are pushing him away. You know he isn’t rich and has his siblings to cater for, so mine is scaring him away and it’s not as if i’m really disturbing him with my problems” she confessed, stood up and walked to her window.

“yea most guys are really scared of walking into a relationship with too many responsibilities, but i think you should discuss this issue with him” i advised. She shook her head, turned and faced me.

“yea he is a nice guy, but i don’t think our relationship is getting anywhere. I know i come from a poor home, but my family comes first, i can’t get myself entangled with someone who will look down on them or see them as a big liability. I’m sorry to say this, but i don’t think i’ll marry anyone who will not help my family” she poured out seriously.

“so you guys are not getting along very well? I really thought you guys are having a wonderful relationship?” i asked nervously. She simply turned her back on me and said nothing.

I wasn’t happy to hear all she poured out, because my dear Chinwe really deserved the best.

To be continued.

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