I calmly stood up, stared at Chinwe for a while, breathed deeply, drew close and held her.

“remember you can always count on me for anything” i said sweetly. She turned and faced me with a smile,

“I know dear, but you can’t expect me to always bug you with my problems, it’s not proper” she murmured and looked away.

“please don’t ever repeat that, i’m your friend and will always be” i said to her. She looked into my eyes, swallowed and nodded quietly, saying no word.

” I have to start going, i have an unfinished business i intend fixing today” i added, caressed her hair and turned to leave,

“alright dear, thanks for checking up on me” she said sweetly, grabbed my right hand and calmly followed me to my car.

“send my regards to mum and everyone” i said as i opened my car door, she smiled and hugged me tightly,

“thanks for your concern, your visit brought happiness to my heart” she whispered while I blushed.

As i drove towards First Bank Ikenegbu to make a fast withdrawal, i got a call from an unknown number,

“Hi it’s Destiny from Nairaland” a female voice said to me. I smiled and cleared my throat before murmuring a quick hello to her.

Destiny really was the first girl to ever send me a mail from Nairaland, we became casual friends from that moment, exchanged phone numbers and other social network i.ds, but we never for once called each other, which was mostly my fault, because i always end up not calling her after promising to call. She equally was an Imsu student and perhaps it was curiousity that made her very eager to know me. She always had lots of questions to ask, each time i ran into her either on facebook or on yahoo messenger.

“Hi Destiny, i’m so glad to hear your voice” i murmured polietly,

“it’s your way nah, you always promise to call but never do” she accused,

“i’m sorry dear you won’t understand, i’m actually in Owerri right now” I said, while she exclaimed,

“really!, which part of the town are you in?” she asked,

“Ikenegbu, heading towards cherubim junction” i answered,

“wow, i’m in Maris supermarket with my friend, you can stop on your way, can’t you?” she asked,

“of course i can” i replied a bit nervously,

“alright i’m waiting” she added a hung up.
I first drove to the bank, which was just a stone throw away from the supermarket, did my transaction, before notifying her that i was around.

Seconds later, she emerged from the supermarket with her friend. I instantly recognized her face, breathed deeply and walked up to them. I can’t deny i was extremely nervous that fateful moment.

To be continued.

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