I finally headed back to my lodge after spending an hour with the girls.

I got to my lodge around 2:49pm very tired but happy. Jenny rushed into my room as soon as she noticed my presence, she stared at me for a while, before sitting on my bed.

“where were you last night?” she asked curiously,

“i was with my friends” i answered casually. She looked at me searchingly, made to say something, but quickly held herself. I smiled, changed my clothes and sat beside her.

“is everything alright?, you look worried?” i asked seriously. She shrugged, breathed deeply and looked away.

“my guy still plans on coming to Owerri this saturday, i really don’t know how to stop or face him, moreover he is a very stubborn and sensitive guy” she complained sadly. I held her shoulder, caressed it for a while and drew her to my chest.

“what’s wrong in going to meet him?, since he is coming all the way from Lagos for your sake?” i asked,

“because i cheated on him, have you forgotten? I can’t get myself to open my legs for him tomorrow, i just can’t do it. I wasn’t born that way” she complained seriously.

“nawao It’s very easy to stop him from touching you my dear, all you have to do is simply show up with a coloured face, tell him you are very sick and act it very well. I can get some harmless pills you can use as evidence, incase he gets very curious, c’mon dear stop worrying, I believe he will get very concerned about your health and won’t bother you for sex, if you act it very well” i schemed easily,

“you are a devil, you know that?” she asked with a smile, sat up and stared at me with bright eyes filled with relief,

“yea i hear that alot” i winked at her. She surprisingly drew close, gave me a sharp kiss and licked her lips.

“actually i love him alot and hopefully we will be getting married by december 2013” she explained proudly.

“Good luck then” i murmured excitedly. She rolled her eyes and stood up.

“Val hope you know that you are a very bad influence?” she asked jokingly, before leaving my room gracefully. I fell back on my bed and thought over her question.

“am i really a bad influence?” hmmmm” i wondered deeply,

My phone however rang that moment, shaking me out of my thoughts. I quickly fetched it and smiled when i saw the name of the caller.


“hmmm seems like the /baddest chick/ is in town” i reasoned with a smile.

To be continued.
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