“seriously, you are very uncaring, annoying, and wicked” Selena said unhappily as soon as i answered her call. I smiled and murmured a quick apology.
I really erred by no asking or checking up on her for a long while.

“you know what huh?,” “I bought a good whip for you, so better start preparing your mind for ninety lashes” she threatened playfully, while i exclaimed.

“choi will you really use a whip on me?” i asked,

“of course why shouldn’t I?, you obnoxious boy” she replied jokingly,

“i’m very sorry dear, i’ll compensate for everything, anytime we meet again” i apologized and promised.

“better mtcheeeeew!” she sighed,

“easy na! Do you want to destroy my ear with that sigh eeh?” i asked with laughter,

“where you dey jor?” she asked,

“I dey Village, supervising a little project” i lied,

“oops i thought you are in Enugu. I just came into the town an hour ago with a friend” she said to me,

“hmmm for business or for pleasure?” i asked,

“for both” she replied and laughed, “don’t worry i will in Owerri tomorrow, you know we have an unfinished business, don’t we?” she asked with her usual cute sexy voice,

“okay madam, anything you say” I replied, while she laughed, cracked some silly jokes and hung up.

“I hope she won’t faint on me again?” i murmured with a smile, before falling into a deep sleep.
Tessy’s phone call woke me by 5pm, she called to inform me that she has gotten to Abuja, we however chatted for a while before she hung up. Jenny came into my room minutes later, demanding i get the drugs i earlier promised her.

Lazily i went over to a drug{medicine} shop nearby, ordered for some pain killers, food supplements and multivitamins, which were removed from their original packets{wraps}{ on my demand}. They were then neatly arranged separately in nylon foils, {the type used in hospitals}. I took them to my room, labled and gave them to Jenny who was extremely delighted.

“wow you did a very nice job, my nosy boyfriend won’t have cause to be suspicious” she happily said to me as she kept them in her bag.
7am Saturday

Adaora called me on phone, waking me up with nonsense gossips and gists, which i patiently listened to.


Jenny walked into my room with a coloured face.

“my guy is now in Owerri, he drove all through the night, i have to go and be with him” she announced quietly. I calmly drew close, hugged and gave her a thousand Naira to use in paying for her transportation to Owerri, shocking her with my benevolence, because she never asked for any money.


Selena called, informing me that she was on her way to Owerri, equally begging me not to keep her waiting. I quickly prepared and dressed up. But at exactly 2:30pm, i heard someone knock on my door.
Lazily i answered it and to my surprise my eyes fell on Adaora grinning at me. She really was the last person i expected to see that moment and I felt like giving her a dirty slap for showing up to spoil my plans.

To be continued.

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