I did all i could to get across to Adaora that fateful sunday, but she refused to answer my calls nor reply the messages i left on her second phone. I really was very scared for her safety and regretted ever allowing her to leave my room.

By 2pm, i called and informed mum “that Adaora left my room in the morning”,

“has she called you?” i asked nervously,

“of course not, don’t tell me you fought again with her?” she answered searchingly,

“no mum, it’s just a minor quarrel that’s all, please call her glo mobile number and check on her please” i begged nervously,

“of course i’ll do that silly boy” she replied and hung up. I quietly collasped on my bed and eagerly waited for her feed back.

I was unable to relax as i waited for mum’s phone call. I tried focusing on my stories but couldn’t, I tried watching the T.V but still couldn’t. Nervously i grabbed my phone and called mum again. Seriously Adaora’s behaviour and threat left a big mark on me and i couldn’t bear thinking of seeing her with another man.

“don’t bother yourself, she’s on her way to Abuja, we really need to have a serious talk” mum said as soon as she answered my call. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes,

“thank God she’s safe” i murmured to myself,

“what?” mum asked curiously,

“don’t bother i’ll be at home this weekend” i said to her,

“are you being serious?” she asked with a light voice which showed her excitement,

“yes mum i promise” i answered,

“try and bring Adaora along, i can’t wait to have another full house, also try and get to her fast, i think she’s not in a good frame of mind” she advised and hung up.
I yawned lazily, picked up my wallet and left my room [to buy a recharge card], but I ran into Jenny as i left the compound. She smiled as soon as our eyes met and hugged me strongly.

“everything went as planned, i can’t imagine i was thinking only of you all the time i was with him” she added happily, while my heart skipped a beat.

“Reallyyy” i heard myself drag with guilt.

I felt guilty after hearing her latest outburst, regretting ever coming between she and her fiancee, which due to my arrogance and intense sexual libido contaminated the good relationship they were enjoying for no just cause, while working to save mine.

“Val what’s wrong, you don’t look excited?” i soon heard her ask curiously.

To be continued.

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