“Truth be told, i know none of those girls, i was only pulling your legs” i confessed. Adaora shrugged and stood up,

“alright then, good night” she said and tried to leave.

“please wait” i heard myself plead, forcing her to stop and face me once again.

I really didn’t believe Tessy could open her mouth to tell Adaora everything about our affair. I had my doubts moreover she was acting all calm and quiet, which i knew she wouldn’t do if Tessy really told her everything just like she claimed, but i however couldn’t come to any conclusion because Adaora could be very unpredictable.

“what did Tessy tell you?” i asked curiously. She scoffed and shook her head,

“i will let your conscience be the judge, so please let me be” She replied.

“come and sit by my side, i have something important to ask” i requested,

“i’m not deaf, i can hear you perfectly well from here” she replied seriously, but when she noticed my burning eyes and serious look, she obeyed and returned to the spot she sat moments ago.

“do you want us to break up?” i asked seriously, she kept quiet and looked away, “i’m being serious, please answer me?” i urged.

“you hurt me Val, you are not being sincere with me, you can’t blame me for anything, what did i do to you?, What guarantee do i have that you won’t cheat as a husband, you are just messing up your life for fun, what is wrong with you? Your Dad wasn’t like this?” She poured out seriously. I breathed deeply and held her hands.

“my heart is all yours, and will forever be” i murmured sweetly,

“i already know that, but i’m sorry, your small heart isn’t enough for me. Your body, your soul, your eyes and everything in you is all i want. I wake up each day fearing the worst, wondering where you might be and what you could be doing. Sometimes i take great risks just to be with you. Yet you always repay me with your obnoxious behaviour. Seriously if not for two things i would have moved on with my life decades ago” she said seriously,

“it’s really not that easy to cheat, you have formed the habit of suspecting everything i do, which isn’t good. You investigate all i do with impunity, something i very much hate and any time i try to resist, you conclude that i’m cheating on you” i complained,

“i will continue doing it because i know you very well. Good night Mister” she replied and tried to stand up, but i quickly held her by the waist, preventing her from standing.

“since you gave me no food today, i was thinking if you can compensate me with something else” i asked and licked my lips,

“compensate you with what?, you are not serious” she murmured and tried to stand again. I drew her closer to my body, and kissed her strongly. She tried to resist, but my kisses were too strong for her.

Without wasting time, my left hand found her bosoms, while my third right finger eagerly went under her skimpy night wear and into her honeypot, her excitement instantly got her diving to the bed, as she wriggled, cursed and moaned. My joystick eagerly warmed up for a night of passion.

To be continued
sister Mary& Betrayal comes up Next.

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