“it excites me whenever you do all these silly things to me, but it also pains me to think that you do them to other girls” Adaora said to me after minutes of intense love making. I breathed deeply, smiled and kissed her.

“if only you will stop cheating on me. I will have nothing to worry about and we will forever be happy” she added seriously. I swallowed hard and kept quiet.

“how will you feel, if you are to catch me cheating on you?” she asked,

“it will kill me” i honestly replied. She caressed my chest for a while, gently bit my left ni.pp.le before staring at me once again.

“mum wants us to be with her this weekend, what do you think?” i calmly asked, expertly changing the topic of discussion.

“hope all is fine?” she asked fearfully,

“yea maybe she’s missing us” i replied,

“but i was with her few days ago nau?” she murmured seriously,

“perhaps she wants to speak to us, who knows” i shrugged. She breathed deeply, sat up and pinched me.

“ain’t you feeling itchy? Come let’s go and freshen up jare” she commanded, got out of the bed and dragged me to my feet.

Early the next day after Adaora had left the house, i hastily prepared and dashed over to Tessy’s office, because i needed to clarify some facts from her.

“wow i can’t believe my eyes” She exclaimed happily as soon as she saw me walk into her office. I simply kept a straight face and settled on a chair, facing her desk.

“Adaora was with you yesterday right?” i asked seriously. She rolled her eyes, got up from her chair, came close and sat on the desk, placing her left hand on my shoulder.

“yea she wanted to see me, and i had no choice than to invite her here” she explained, “your Adaora really asked lots of questions concerning our level of relationship, but she however was very respectful with it and i also covered you very well, telling her all you wanted her to know”, “so she now believes our relationship is strictly based on business, don’t i deserve a reward for pulling it off?” she asked with a confident smile. I heaved a sigh of relief and stared at her.

“i hope you ain’t lying to me?” i asked,

“hmmmm, why should i lie to you?” she replied. I smiled gratefully, stood up, gave her a long kiss before breaking away from her,

“i will call you later in the evening, so we could discuss about your reward” i lied effortlessly,

“hope you are not lying to me because i won’t like it and you also won’t like my reaction?” she asked,

“no dear i’m not lying to you” i replied, kissed her again and escaped from her office. Seriously Tessy’s issue was something i really couldn’t define nor get hold of.

{5:30pm} later in the day, Adaora and i went over to a small supermarket close by, to get some provisions. As we left the shop minutes later, a 406 peugeot car blocked us rudely, startling us. Surprisingly, Selena jumped out of the car and rushed up to me with anger.

“you scammer, thief, so you think you can just abandon me in owerri and get away with it eeh?” she asked furiously, while two other girls jumped out of the car and held her inquisitively.

“baby what’s the fuss all about?” they asked her curiously. I was extremely dumbfounded and lost.
To make matters worse, Adaora was by my side.

To be continued shortly.

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