“i’m sorry, i know i have lots of explanation to do. I just don’t know where to start” i said quietly to Adaora when i returned to my room. She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“hmmm i think you should first figure out a way of getting all the pictures of you she has, which i know will be quite impossible. Do you even know what she could do with those pictures?” she seriously asked, while i breathed deeply, saying nothing.

“she can tarnish your image to an irrepairable degree if you don’t know” she concluded.

“i will figure out a way to recover them” i murmured half heartedly.

“i will be travelling to Enugu tomorrow morning” she announced seconds later, leaving me more than worried.

“why nau?” i asked desperately, my face colouring more.

“i promised to stay three weeks and we are on the third week, what’s so bad with my decision?. Just let me be jor” she answered with a raised tone. Silencing me with her reply.
Even though she tried to appear cool, which was very unusual of her. I knew she was extremely upset with me. But having no clue on how to appease her, i simply let her be.

I finally got Tessy on phone again later in the evening, my heart pounding furiously as she answered the call.
“please stop disturbing me, i’m very busy, and don’t ever call any of my lines again. I don’t need you anymore, i have nothing to do with confused, selfish little boys. Grow up” she shouted at me and hung up, killing my already wounded spirit. I didn’t know what to do, the future appeared sour to me. I felt like crying.

I tried murmuring some explanations to Adaora later in the evening, but the cold stare she gave me made me to quickly shut up.
“you want to start another lie abi, go ahead nah??” she hissed angrily.

Tessy destroyed everything with that singular action. I knew she wasn’t hoping to achieve anything other than to make me miserable and it was already working. Early the next morning, i went with Adaora to Owerri where she boarded an Enugu bound bus. I felt like crying as the bus departed. I had a very strange feeling about her departure. I felt it was the last between us, though it wasn’t her fault but mine.

I knew she was silently suffering over everything. She couldn’t eat all through the previous day, and only ate two slices of bread in the morning.
The drawn face and sadness in her eyes said it all. I dreaded knowing what was in her mind. But the unspoken reality was that our relationship was at the brink of death, only a miracle would revive it.

How do i start to redeem my life?, how do i stage a counter attack on Tessy?, where do i go from here??

Nothing good ever comes from Cheating. Cheating kills and destroys. There i was at a crossroad, hopelessly out of options.

To be continued.

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