Together we walked into the compound, and slowly made our way into the house, but as we walked into the sitting room and i tried to lead her into my bedroom, she stopped and refused to follow me.

I gave her a reassuring smile and tried to reach for her right hand. She drew back a few steps and stared at me with suspicion in her eyes.

“where are we going?” she asked,

“to my room nah” i answered innocently as if my mind was clean.

“why what’s wrong with the sitting room?” she curiously asked. I bit my lips and rolled my eyes.

Seriously that’s really the main reason i do prefer self contained student rooms to such apartment, because such a room is what we call “multi purpose”, a room which could serve both as a bedroom and a sitting room, easily making your visitors{date} to sit on your bed without much stress.

“the sitting room isn’t mine” i managed to mutter jokingly, but my joke got nowhere nor had any effect on Olivia who still stood and stared at me with suspicion in her eyes.

“but the bedroom is yours huh?” she asked quietly.

“oh christ” i exclaimed to myself before drawing close to her.

“are you scared?” i asked, she simply looked at me without saying anything,

“do i look like a bad person?” i asked, but she still kept quiet,

“are you having double mind about me?” i also asked before holding her hand. She looked down and said nothing.

“this is my cousin’s house and i like entertaining my friends in my room, because he may return with his own friends and i wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable” i quietly explained to her. She breathed deeply and looked up at me,

“you could have said so earlier” she finally muttered,

“i’m sorry” i replied calmly, she smiled and together we walked into my room, where i served her some biscuits and a bottle of malt which i later got from my cousin’s fridge.

We laughed, joked and watched a local movie for about an hour before i playfully pecked her. She instantly coloured and tried to pretend like an embarrassed virgin.

“You smell nice” i muttered sweetly,

“thanks” she calmly replied before trying to move away from me. I held her strongly and stared at her with hunger in my eyes.

“i swear nothing will make me lose you” i said truthfully, with lust in my eyes, but i knew she misunderstood the fire in my eyes, and probably thought it was passion.

She instantly blushed and looked away,

“abeg stop looking at me that way, it’s only meant for your girlfriend” she quipped in,

“darling my girlfriend has never brought out this kind of fire or desire from my inner most heart before, seriously i’m beginning to have doubts about my true feelings towards her” i answered calmly.

I knew she purposely mentioned “girlfriend”, with the hope that i would deny or come up with something which she invariably would conclude as a lie, but then not every girl really deserves such an old lie nor effort, more over married men do catch fun more or less a young unmarried guy like myself…

“why do you say such words about her?” she asked,

“she does what other Imsu girls do, so there is no need defending her” i replied,

“but i’m also an Imsu girl nah” she added,

“yea an Imsu girl with fire” i replied before planting a kiss on her lips.

“seriously i havn’t met anyone like you” she muttered with a smile, while my hand cautiously and slowly made its way to her left b---m. I truly was very cautious because i knew just a single mistake from my part could spoil and probably end the whole show.

I equally prayed silently as i gently closed in like a hawk. Surely having free first date sex is really really very hard….

To be continued…

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