my hand soon rested on her left b---m, but she said nothing and pretended not to notice. I slowly squeezed her boso.m while my eyes expertly searched and read her reaction.

She still kept quiet, which truly delighted me. I drew forward and kissed her lips gently. She didn’t push me away nor reacted negatively which further encouraged me, making me increase the tempo of my kissing.

“please it’s okay” she finally muttered as she gently pushed me away seconds later,

“what’s wrong?” i innocently asked,

“no just let me be, moreover it’s my first time of visiting you, so i can’t have anything with you at least not yet” she seriously muttered and folded her hands, leaving me with no other option than to play my last card which i really do hate using.

“why are you behaving like a little girl? You already know i’m not a poor nor hungry student, we can start our relationship right here from this minute, i need not tell you, what i’m capable of” i rapped all and all like M.I bragging about being a chairman.

“so you mean there won’t be any relationship if i choose not to open my legs for you?” she curiously asked when i was done rapping, which kind of stunned me.

However such question needed no answer because there wasn’t any way i could answer it without compromising myself. I just smiled, kissed and held her softly.

Most girls do go soft or easily develop feelings for young wealthy guys, especially cute, well behaved or dressed ones, and that really was my bargaining chip in most of my exploits even though i discovered it late {which was when i got my first car after breaking up with Christy}. So i really can’t say it’s love nor likeness which drew some of them to me…..

“how do i know you arn’t lying?” she managed to ask, but i continued, caressing and fondling her without replying..

She finally succumbed when she saw i wasn’t ready to give up,

“i’m just giving you the benefit of doubt” she muttered as i slowly penetrated her surprisingly wet honeypot. She closed her eyes and bit her lips when i finally buried the full length of my manhood inside her…

The pretty well shaped damsel really tasted like an early morning tea filled with Milo, and when i finally graced her tempting backside in round two, all hell was let loose as i ravaged and knacked with full throttle…..

“fikpia fikpia fikpia fikpia” was the only audible sound in the room as i whipped her.

I knew not what made me turn and look back towards my door in round two, perhaps it was that unconscious feeling that notifies us when our privacy is breached, but when i did turn, i was extremely surprised to see my cousin peeping with a dark scowl on his face through my door, which he slightly opened…..

To be continued……
Betrayal has been updated “always check *recent replies* in your page or “vforum” for forum updates”……

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