He quickly withdrew his face and quietly closed my door when our eyes met. I breathed deeply and continued with the enormous task before me.

I finally jerked ferociously as i emptied my seed into my rubber which was buried deep inside her pot, and it looked that moment as if a dark veil fell off my eyes, all i saw before me was a nervous looking chubby girl lying on my bed. All her beauty and attractive features just instantly disappeared from my eyes.

Truly lust do make us see things differently especially when we allow our mind to be influenced, and as my lust and desire was spent that moment she instantly looked disgusting in my eyes.

However i pretended as if all was fine, and polietly led her to the bathroom where she freshened up. I still waited upon her like a gentleman of noble birth, before courteously excorting her out of the compound minutes later.

I knew her mind was filled with questions just like every girl after having sex with a new guy, but she said no word nor asked any question as we left the building.

I still do remember Benita’s angry gaze as she silently stared at us as i escorted olivia out till this very day. However she said nothing because it wasn’t her business even though i was a bit scared she might tell Chinwe what she witnessed.

“i will keep my promise” i innocently held Olivia’s hand and whispered into her ear as i bade her goodbye when we got to the gate,

she looked up at me, heaved a sigh of relief and graciously smiled before hugging me.

Sometimes sweet and carefully selected words are good to be spoken even if its nothing but fallacy. The response that greeted me when i spoke those words made me smile happily, lifting a little weight off my heart.

“will today be the end and last?” i asked myself as i watched her disappear into the street. With a sigh i quietly walked back to the house where i knew some angry folks were lying in wait for me…

To be continued..

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