“so it means i still have lots of chances with chinwe?” i curiously asked with a smile,

“hmmmm what a question, i already have told you all you need to know, just figure out the rest yourself” she replied with a smile. I shrugged and asked no further question.

Later in the evening {4:55pm}, i strolled out to buy airtime{recharge card} when i ran into Amara as she bought roasted corn across the street.

“big girl” i greeted with a smile,

“thank God i saw you at last” she muttered as she held my hand.

“do you want to buy corn for me?” i asked jokinly,

“you can take one if you want” she replied with a smile,

“thank’s ooo” i muttered and made to walk away, but she held me strongly which made stop and stare curiously at her.

“was Olivia with you this afternoon?” she seriously asked without mincing words, while i stared at her with surprise and confusion as i equally tried desperately to read her expression which really was very blank.

“ummhh is she missing?” i asked, so as to make her further reveal her intention or the reason she was asking such question.

Answering a question with another question is very common and popular among we Nigerians, and its also a very effective tool or defence mechanism used especially when you deem a question outrageous, hard to answer or in order to buy more time and think properly.

“she isn’t missing, i just only want to know where she went this afternoon” she explained as she pleaded with her eyes,

“okay she was with me” i finally answered quietly, but it seemed my answer surprised or shocked her, and her expression instantly changed.

“bi.tch.” i heard her curse faintly, leaving a curious look on my face, but i quickly hid it and managed to smile polietly,

“okay dear let me go and buy airtime” i said with a smile before walking away…..

Truly we guys can never understand girls nor learn all their behaviours no matter how hard we try and Amara’s behaviour that fateful sunday left me with deep thoughts all through the rest of that day.

Monday afternoon i found myself in Chinwe’s room, where her roomate kept throwing provoking glances at me, as Chinwe curiously insisted on knowing what brought me back to Owerri…..

My phone soon rang and it was Olivia calling me……

“please dear can you help me with airtime” i heard her plead soon after i answered her phone-call, while chinwe’s curious eyes rested on me….

To be continued 🙂 …

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