“no problem” was all i could mutter without giving up my cover.

“what do you mean by no problem?” a confused Olivia asked over the phone, but instead of replying, i ended the phone call, smiled at chinwe, before gently tucking my mobile phone inside my trouser pocket.

“seems like something came up in school, i will soon be leaving, the caller is my coursemate” i explained innocently, but before Chinwe could mutter anything, my phone rang again, making me curse inwardly.

I reluctantly brought out my phone again, and heaved a sigh of relief when i saw it was my mother calling,

“try and meet Pa Micheal this evening in the village, it seems like some greedy folks already has initiated their land- grabbing scheme” she said to me while my mind flew.

Even though i expected such thing to happen, i never thought it could manifest so soon, {couple of weeks after dad’s burial}, moreover we really do not have much lands which kind of infuriated me. However my heart also flew because i really didn’t have the nerve, nor appetite to confront greedy land grabbers, but as the first son of the family, it truly is my duty.

“what’s the problem?” chinwe curiously asked as she saw the miserable look on my face,

“land-grabbers dear, i have to rush home fast” i explained,

“hmmm so soon?, would you like me to accompany you?” she offered humbly,

“no dear, thank’s i think it’s men’s affair” i replied with a forced smile,

“you/ man kwa??” she playfully sneered,

“anyway just be careful, remember it’s their opportunity to get at you with their evil plans, and remember to stop-by in school before going” she advised.

“thanks dear” i replied gratefully before leaving with a heavy heart.

Land-grabbing isn’t really a new nor strange thing in Igbo land, and it simply means the situation whereby a villager, neighbour, friend or outsider tries to lay claim over a piece of land which he or she has no ownership right. Most times it’s really brothers or friends who knew each other very well that often tries such affair especially when the original owner isn’t available to defend his property or when a weak resistance is expected.

Being the first son of my family, i really was well educated by my dad which really made my heart strong, but however i equally knew it really won’t be enough because the crook already must have bought most of the living elders, one way or the other….

My thoughts kept me company as i drove to my village that afternoon, i soon passed my compound {village house} and stopped in front of Pa micheal’s compound, even though my mind instantly rebuked me because i forgot to buy a bottle of local gin, hot drink or even wine, which to some folks may appear disrespectful…

To be continued…
Please dear friends, i’m still very weak and sick. I may not be able to edit and post the “betrayal” episodes at least till saturday evening {if i get better} pls….

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