Olivia advanced with a drawn face and angry look, obviously with the hope that i would beg or try to apologize. But that moment i really was beyond caring.

she finally got to my side, with a careless good evening which she threw at me. I ignored her greeting, reached for my wallet, brought out five hundred Naira and gave to her without muttering a single sentence, which really shocked her. However her face instantly coloured with immense surprise and astonishment when i turned, opened my car and got into the driver’s side.

“what’s the meaning of this?” she finally asked with burning eyes. I nodded switched on my engine and drove away rudely without caring about my manners. I do know my behaviour that evening was like that of a beast, but sometimes we all do behave like one, especially in extreme situations…

“what did you just do??, did i send you to threaten Francis?? What is wrong with you? You have killed me” mum poured out to me over the phone as soon as i got into my cousin’s sitting room, making my heart leap a hundred times over. My cousin just sat in his couch and watched me with a dry smile on his face. With the way he looked at me that moment i knew mum already must have reported my behaviour to him.

“mum calm down” i pleaded,

“shut up you si.lly boy, did you know what you just did? Francis is already threatening fire and brimestone in the village, infact i regret sending you home” she muttered and ended the call.

“nawa for you oo, who gave you the morale to pull such stunt in the village?” he asked as soon as mum ended the phone-call,

“didn’t anyone teach you never to under estimate your enemy or opponent??” he further asked, while i sat beside him wearily.

“don’t you know that some village guys do see themselves as deities?? Moreover you compromised your safety by going to his house. The earth you stood on or the chair you sat when you went there is enough for him to do something terrible to you” he lectured,

“he dare not, i know the God i serve” i muttered in defense, which made him laugh passionately,

“sharrap, when last did you go to church?” he asked. I shrugged and said nothing, but just that moment my phone rang again and it was mum.

“i just spoke to uncle Peter, try and meet him in his office early tomorrow morning, isi ökpùkpù{bone head}” she ordered. I smiled and accepted…

I really was unable to sleep that night as my mind raced towards many directions. Truly i thought i did the right thing by confronting Francis and was expecting “a pat”, but instead, my family thought i did everything wrong, thus making fear and regret jump into my heart,

“but how could i leave mum to fight such battles on her own?” i wondered sadly,

“probably francis was right i’m still a lad” i concluded sadly…

I woke up very late with strong headache the following day, only to see Benita in my room,

“you have a visitor waiting outside for you” she muttered and left, giving me no time to ask questions. I quickly freshened up, brushed and rushed to the gate where i was extremely surprised to see Olivia standing with a coloured face,

“what again” i asked myself with a deep breathe..

To be continued…

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