we arrived my hometown by 10:45AM that fateful morning, and was soon at the Eze’s palace where we were recieved by our traditional ruler who equally is my cousin{same grandfather/surname}.

“i heard about what you did yesterday, who gave you the nerve?” he asked with a smile. I said nothing and nodded like a fool just the way Uncle Peter ordered before we got there.

{Just like some parts of Igbo land, disputes especially land matters are first reported to the village elders before being transferred to the king or higher authority if aggrieved parties feel unsatisfied with the elders judgement, however most times the elders decisions are always endorsed by the king and it’s very rare for a ruling king to pass a different Judgement}.

Francis was soon sent for, he appeared fifteen minutes later with a drawn jaw and angry look in order to give the impression that he is battle ready.

Uncle peter instantly seeked the King’s permission before calmly asking francis for a brief chat. He reluctantly obliged and they soon went outside the palace where they spoke for about half an hour.

I really don’t know what they discussed till this very day, but all i knew was that Francis instantly backed out after the little talk he had with Uncle Peter.

Finally before we left, the old gentleman with me gave our king an envelope which i knew contained unspecified amount of cash before we left.

“your family won’t be bothered again” he happily said to me as we returned to Owerri, but my heart truly was filled with lots of unanswered questions.

“come over to my office tomorrow, there are still lots of things you need to learn” he also said with a smile as i thanked him when we got to his office.

By 1:30pm, i was in school with some newly made friends who equally were in the same situation with me. We discussed for some minutes, while news that “the government already was looking into our problem” cheered me up.

With a happy state of mind i drove straight to Chinwe’s hostel, because I really havn’t spoken with her since i left her lodge the previous day, neither did she call to know the fate of my journey, which truly was very unusual, but i suspected nothing bad.

I was soon in her lodge where a surprised Chinwe answered my knock and prevented me from entering her room,

“i have a guest, come back later” she muttered coldly, while i speechlessly stared at her as sweat drained my body.

My lips found no words to speak, while my heart froze in shock, and my legs trembled terribly,

“didn’t you hear me? Please go” i heard her say again, but all i only cared that moment was just to see who her visitor really was. Then i saw him through the little space which the slightly opened door offered. He was dressed in a blue shirt and trouser, he obviously didn’t look like a student. His manner of dressing and look said it all, he probably was between twenty six to twenty nine years old. The pain i felt that moment was nothing compared to when a similar incident occured months ago. Many thoughts instantly filled my mind, and When she finally shut the door on my face, it dawned on me that her broken heart no longer was mine to control as i wished……

Has she finally been able to gather all the broken pieces of her heart? I wondered sadly.

To be continued.
Betrayal comes Next.

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