chinwe’s action truly pained me, and i felt like breaking her door that moment.

I angrily left her lodge and drove straight home{my cousin’s house} with shaking hands.

“chinwe why are you doing this?, i thought i asked you to give me a little time?” i wondered sadly as i drove.

My mind wasn’t at rest through out the rest of that day. I tried watching tv, tried playing phone game, tried browsing yet my heart continued to pound furiously.

5:30pm when i was about falling asleep, My phone rang, jolting me back to reality. I gasped when i saw it was chinwe calling, and i truly was at lost whether to answer it or not.

“you can start coming” she muttered quietly, when i finally answered her call when it rang for the second time,

“it’s already late” i replied coldly,

“how about tomorrow?” she asked,

“my car developed a little fault this evening, can you come instead?” i heard myself ask. She kept quiet for a while and i felt she was going to decline.

“okay i’ll be there by 10:00AM” she calmly muttered,

“okay then, till tomorrow” i replied,

“please hope you won’t try anything funny?” she further asked,

“no” i heard myself say before she ended the phone call.

I really was surprised that she accepted to come, which made some funny thoughts enter my head, but as i slept later in the night, i discarded them.

I heard a quiet knock just outside the compound, i quickly rushed, opened the gate, and ushered her in. Even though we both smiled, the unspoken tension between us was very apparent, and for the first time another thought jumped into my head,

“perhaps there is something else which made her risk visiting me” i reasoned as we walked into the sitting room, because she really do know all about my temper, yet she bravely came after what she did.

“I think here will be okay” she said with a smile when we got to the sitting room { i tried to lead her into my room}. I shrugged in resignation. She quietly sat down, crossed her legs and stared at me.

“so how far?” she asked with a smile,

“i came to gist you about my journey yesterday, but you just turned me away because of that ugle fo.ol in your room, who is he anyway?” i asked,

“it’s none of your business and please don’t ever insult any of my friends again” she seriously warned, which kind of surprised me. with the direction our conversation was heading that morning, i knew things would soon go sour.

“perhaps Benita might be the lifesaver today” i reasoned as i calmly drew closer to her, while she stared at me with suspicion.

“where is Benita? I called her before coming” she asked with a little bit of fear in her eyes…..

To be continued.
“betrayal” comes up Next

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