“i think you should use this opportunity chinwe just offered to reshape your life, and focus on your future with Adaora, time waits for nobody bro and you may not be this lucky again if you throw away this opportunity” My cousin advised later in the evening after i narrated all that transpired between chinwe and I to him.

“so any news about your nysc stuff?” he asked moments later, while i shrugged and shook my head,

“nothing bro” i muttered calmly,

“but are you really following it up?” he asked with a look of suspicion which really made me uncomfortable. I got up with a yawn, stretched and smiled,

“yea bro, goodnight” i replied and made to leave for my room,

“are you leaving your phone behind?” i heard him ask, which made me turn and reach for my phone where it lay on a little stool. It however rang before i could get to it.

“hey dear how are you?” Adaora asked with a happy tone when i answered my ringing phone,

“lonely and sad dear” i replied,

“heiya but you are supposed to be happy nau, since you guys have been asked to come over to Abuja for immediate redeployment” she muttered sweetly. I gasped and held my breathe for a while,

“what did you just say?” i anxiously asked,

“hmmm nawa for you, so you havn’t yet heard that you guys were asked to report to nysc headquarters for redeployment, what are you even doing in owerri?? She repeated and asked with her usual commanding tone.

“wow i can’t believe it oooo thank gawd” i muttered happily, while my cousin curiously stared at me,

“so when are you coming over?” she asked,

“i don’t know yet dear, let me confirm your news first, i’ll call you later” i replied happily,

“ok dear, i’m waiting” she added before ending the call.

“so what’s the joyful mood all about?” my cousin asked as soon as i dropped my phone,

“gawd has answered our prayers, Adaora just informed me that we were asked to come over to Abuja for redeployment” i explained. His face instantly beamed with joy. I rushed to my room where i called some friends and checked the internet. Her news turned out to be true.

“AT LAST” i muttered happily as i dialled her phone number minutes later.

“thanks dear for the info, i’ll be in Abuja on friday” i announced sweetly,

“wow i can’t wait dear, my body is already itching to have you” she muttered and laughed,

“i guess you will sleep well tonight” she equally added with a sweet tone.

Sure i did sleep well, and the following day which was thursday i busied myself with preparation…..

“Abuja here i come^^/ hohoho with a rubber on my dic.k” i sang as i prepared…..

To be continued…

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