“dearest i really didn’t plan on spending the night here with you” i slowly explained, while my eyes rested on her face,

“and why is that?? What’s your plan??” she asked with a look of surprise,

“i made some arrangements with Obinna” i muttered with a smile,

“that rascal? Surely you both are up to no good” she hissed with a terrible look of disdain,

“no just a little sight seeing, boys thing sha” i tried to explain convincingly, but she really wasn’t moved with my explanation, instead she stood up and left for her room.

I knew she was terribly upset because she so much looked forward to my visit, which really made me feel guilty, but that day really was the first time i came to Abuja without any family or relative breathing down my neck. Surely i needed a breathe of fresh air in the streets of Abuja, which really has nothing to do about my affection or my love for her.

I walked into her bedroom minutes later to offer more reasonable explanation, but she wasn’t there. I gently opened another door which linked to her room. Surprisingly i found myself in her kitchen.

“you can go and take your bath” she coldly muttered as soon as she saw me,

“where is the bathroom?” i asked quietly. She stood up without another word and led me there.

“my guy i can’t make it again today oo” i explained to Obinna, when i called him over the phone in the bathroom

“nawa for you wetin happen?” he asked,

“don’t worry i go explain everything when we see tomorrow” i pleaded.

Later in the evening we ate our night meal in silence. She refused to talk or even look at me, but just concentrated on her meal, while i threw occasional glances at her with a smile.

After the meal i laid on a couch and watched an action movie while she went inside to take her bath. She returned to the sitting room minutes later, smelling nice and looking sexy, my head almost exploded.

“what are you still doing here, arn’t you leaving again?” she asked coldly before rudely switching the t.v to another channel. She sat on the floor and rested her back on the couch i was lying on.

“madam why did you change the channel nah?” i asked and hissed, but she ignored my question and said nothing.

“i’m not going anywhere tonight, i just pulled your leg with my earlier statement, though i plan on seeing Obinna tomorrow sha” i explained as my left hand played with her neck and shoulder before resting on her slightly exposed left b---m. She said no word and pretended not to notice my touch. With a smile i prepared myself for the nourishing meal ahead….

To be continued…

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