I really was extremely turned on as i kissed her soft delicious lips, and her struggles only aroused me more and more

“val stop it, what are you turning into?, are you deranged or what?” she asked as she continued to resist me, but i still continued as if her questions were just moaning sounds.

I finally felt a blow {thud} land on my head, which threw me out of her body as if a naked electric wire had shocked me. I stared at her silently and in shock while she stood up defiantly and faced me with both hands on her hips.

“you better start going, since you are taking my simplicity for granted” i heard her bark angrily. I rubbed my right hand at the back of my head {where she hit me} for a while before standing up with a fallen face, while my eyes rested on the shoe which she hit me with, which equally was still lying where she left it on her bed.

“chinwe you hit me?” i finally muttered as i raised up my face to meet her gaze,

“so you now can hit me with a shoe heel?” i asked softly with red eyes which really was filled with bitter tears.

She instantly turned and backed me,

“please just go” she muttered quietly,

“i know things are not the way it is supposed to be between us, but at least can’t you consider my position?” i managed to ask,

“consider what eeh? Do you know how many times you broke my heart, or the last time i cried for you? Or is it your never ending fake promises? Seriously i still do regret following my heart and believing in you, but i will never regret breaking up with you, so please kindly go back home since we can’t have a decent conversation like matured adults” she poured out to me, while my heart grew heavier than it initially was.

“Surely this isn’t Chinwe i used to know, who always fumbled under my touch” i muttered to myself, even though i knew she wasn’t at fault for the way things ended between us.

“only if my body will learn how to respect itself” i reasoned as my eyes rested on her average sized behind.

“chinwe” i muttered moments later, as i bravely drew near and held her shoulder,

“please just go” i heard her mutter like someone in grief,

“i’m sorry for everything, i do know i’m a big jerk, please forget about what just happened please” i pleaded softly which made her turn and face me with eyes filled with tears.

“val you broke my heart and still breaking it more, what did i do to you eeh?” i heard her ask with an accusing face.

I instantly felt as if an arrow has pierced my heart.

To be continued
our updates will soon start flowing like it used to, please do have a little more patience….

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