I finally managed to locate Obinna’s apartment, situated at the other end of the city. He really was filled with joy when he saw me and welcomed me happily as if i was an important personality. Obinna a very stuborn boy whose parents gave up on, after spending a fortune trying to get him educated{he is still yet to graduate after 8yrs in school}. Instead of focusing in his studies, he faced yahoo business with all his might. It really made him very comfortable for a boy his age, because to my surprise he owns a honda Accord car with a two bedroom{+palour} self contained apartment he rented.

“you really disappointed me bro” he accused unhappily as he welcomed me into his sitting room where two cute girls were seated and watching a local movie,

“i’m sorry bro, i’ll explain later” i replied with a smile. The two girls looked up and greeted me.

“meet my baby girl Esther and her sweet friend Jane, sweethearts meet my friend who has been playing us since friday” he introduced and we all laughed.

He quietly led me to his bedroom where he instantly faced me inquisitively,

“so oga what made you not to honour our agreement?, it really pained me alot because i know the effort it took me to convince and make Jane spend the weekend here” he poured out,

“sorry bro i was with Adaora and you know how difficult she can be sometimes” i explained. He shrugged and laughed,

“no wahala, i even ran into her last week, at the other end of the street and had to drag her here with all my power. That your babe too dey form oo” he joked.

I really had a wonderful sunday in his apartment. The girls equally were lively and friendly. Jane seemed to like me, which she showed to the extent of always staying by my side as if we have known each other for a very long time, though her fondness towards me still came with searching questions about my family, level of education and so on. Later in the afternoon Obinna took us to a fastfood joint where we had a great time tasting different sorts of food.

Around 5pm we returned to his apartment, played cards and ate suya in his backyard. Someone rang his door bell minutes later which he answered and soon returned to tell me
“Adaora is in his sitting room waiting for me”.

I quietly went into the sitting room where i meet her standing nervously. There was relief in her eyes when she saw me and we stared at each other for a while without blinking.

“please lets go home” she pleaded calmly…

To be [email protected] 20:00GMT…..
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