“i thought our relationship is over?” i asked her with a smile. She looked down for a while before facing me once again.

“is that what you want?” she asked quietly. I scoffed and made to walk away, but she quickly held me strongly,

“lets discuss at home please, just get your bag its already getting late” she begged,

“no i can’t” i replied and avoided her gaze,

“no you can’t?” she asked with surprise. I shrugged and said nothing because i really didn’t know what else to tell her, moreover we were in someone’s house, and such discussion wasn’t meant to be discussed in public.

“but you can’t keep running away each time we quarrel, is this how our married life will be like?” she asked, while i smiled.

“i never ran away Adaora, i just came here because i wanted to okay!” i explained. She rubbed her face with her palms before staring at me again.

“so you ain’t going home with me?” she asked,

“yes madam, i came here with a travelling bag, which gave my friend the impression that i’m spending the night, so you see why i can’t follow you?” i further explained. she breathed deeply and backed me sadly.

After a while, she turned, drew close, kissed me and held my jaw with her right fingers,

“you know i do love you right?” she asked,

“yes i know” i replied,

“you know our quarrels are just part of the relationship, it never goes into my heart?” she asked inquisitively,

“i really don’t know about that, you insulted me greatly yesterday, what do think could have happened supposing i retaliated with a heavier slap??” i asked,

“but you caused it by staring at those whores like a bus driver without even caring about my friends presence” she accused,

“anyway i’m very sorry my love, lets forget about it” she concluded and hugged me. I smiled and held her quietly.

“so when are you coming home?” she asked,

“tomorrow morning” i replied,

“i guess i will have to start going then” she muttered and broke free from me. I quietly escorted her to the gate. We hugged again before she boarded a Taxi,

“i won’t sleep tonight, my spirit will be with you” was the last words she muttered into my ear…..

I returned to the sitting room where i meet only Jane dancing to a music, she quickly paused when she saw me, smiled and walked towards my direction,

“the girl that just left, is she your girl?” she asked,

“yea” i answered with a smile, but her expression instantly went blank which made me realise my mistake, “perhaps she expected me to deny Adaora” i reasoned and shrugged.

“anyway lets dance” she soon muttered with a composed smile, i equally smiled and nodded just to please her. She clinged to me and we began dancing…..

I truly didn’t know what was in her mind that fateful evening or what Obinna must have told her {about me}, but for the first time i resolved not to cheat on Adaora even though i knew it would be very hard because Jane really was very tempting and ripe that very evening…..

To be continued….


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