Esther interrupted our dance when she came and dragged her friend from the sitting room to the kitchen minutes later.

Later in the evening after night bath and dinner, i found myself once again alone with Jane. I didn’t even notice when Esther and Obinna quietly left us alone in the sitting room. I really felt very uncomfortable.

Few minutes to 10pm, she stood up and faced me with a smile,

“ain’t you going to bed yet?” she curiously asked,

“i think i will sleep here” i replied and winked at her,

“don’t be ridiculous, why will you want to sleep here?” she asked while i shrugged,

“nothing sha” i replied.

Like i described earlier, Obinna’s apartment only has two bedrooms and i didn’t want to share the second bedroom with her because i might be tempted to {touch} do something nasty.

“don’t tell me you just don’t want to, because of me?, c’mon we ain’t kids or can’t you control yourself?” she asked with a dirty smile,

“oh no not that, don’t worry i will soon join you in the bedroom” i answered with resignation,

“okay ooo” she muttered, shrugged and left the sitting room.

Seriously i really didn’t know the motive behind her actions and supposing i was very much interested in her, i knew she would have played the hard to get stunt which girls are very much known for.

Thirty minutes later, i walked into the {second} bedroom where i saw her battling with her phone which kept ringing while she busied herself with rejecting the phone-calls each time it came through. I equally noticed she changed the night-dress she wore earlier, wearing a very transparent nighie which clearly revealed all especially her bosoms and a-s which looked like a medium sized local clay pot.

I swallowed hard, switched off the lights and laid beside her.

“i really don’t know what is wrong with this guy, i regret giving him my new number” she muttered to herself,

“your boyfriend?” i asked,

“no” she replied,

“ex boyfriend?” i asked again,

“no he is just a school mate who wouldn’t take no for an answer” she explained,

“so how about your boyfriend?” i inquired,

“i don’t have any for now, we broke up 3 months ago” she replied with a sad tone which glued my lips.

“so tell me everything about your girl, her name, school, how you met her etc” she surprisingly drew close and asked minutes later. She drew so close that our bodies rubbed each other, and i had a tough time controlling my barrier breaking joystick which was highly excited.

The heat of passion between us was finally too much to endure, i gently held her waist, causing her to wriggle.

We both were clearly in heat, but just that moment Adaora called on phone…..

To be continued..

MIRABILIS {wondrous Beauty}
starts August

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