“hi dear are you still awake? What are you doing?” she asked as soon as i answered her phone call,

“i’m lying down and about to sleep, how about you?” i replied and asked,

“equally lying down but unable to sleep” she muttered,

“heiya just close your eyes and sing yourself to sleep” i advised,

“thanks dear, i will wait for you to show up before doing anything tomorrow” she said sweetly,

“really?” i asked,

“yes dear good night” she replied and ended the phone call.

“hmmm you guys are really into each other” i heard Jane mutter afterwards. She still was lying very close to me. I smiled and held her waist again.

I finally got firm control of my excited body after Adaora’s phone call, which delighted and made me relaxed, even though the perfume Jane wore that night really was something else.

“yea we are, but it’s just because of the sense of commitment i feel towards her that makes the whole thing strong. I just wish i met you years earlier, you are truly an irresistable beauty” i muttered sweetly. She kept quiet and said nothing, perhaps she expected me to continue with the sweet words which normally will end with sex, without knowing i said those words just to make her feel good. I never meant them.

I rubbed her shoulder for a while, muttered good night and backed her. She still said nothing and pretended as if she was fast asleep. I knew i disappointed her by behaving like an innocent virgin, but most times dignity and self esteem are much more important than sex. I know i’m no saint, but sometimes i do behave rationally even though i often think of myself and sex much more than any other thing.

I woke up very late the following morning, Jane wasn’t in the room, i rushed to the bathroom, brushed and took my bath.

Obinna walked into the room as i dressed up, we shook hands and greeted before he sat on the bed.

“what happened last night between you and Jane?” he asked,

“nothing we didn’t do anything” i replied,

“you mean she refused or what?” he asked curiously,

“i didn’t even try, we just gisted for a while before i slept, nothing happened” i explained, while his expression instantly changed.

“nawa for you ooo, you totally f.ucked up” he muttered with a look of disappointment,

“how?” i asked,

“i told you it took me quite an effort before she accepted to come here and you know she instantly liked you when her eyes fell on you, why didn’t you play to her tone kwanu? Nawa for you ooo, i thought you be guy man?” he asked.

“i just didn’t feel like, but where is she?” i asked,

“she is in my room, arguing with Esther, i guess she wants to leave before you wake up, you know she isn’t a lose girl and has been without a guy for months, anyway i suspect she is just ashamed or something like that” he explained. I instantly felt bad and clueless on what next to do,

“let me go and talk to her” i offered while he shrugged,

“but i don’t think it’s a good idea” he replied and stood up.

We calmly walked to his room and my heart began pounding wildly when my eyes fell on her. She was fully dressed up like someone about to travel. She instantly looked away when she saw me.

I swallowed hard and walked towards her with prayers on my lips.

I was scheduled to be at Nysc headquarters that morning, Adaora equally was waiting for me, but i couldn’t just go without talking to Jane….

To be continued…
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