“hi Jane” i greeted,

“good morning Val” she responded quietly,

“please can you spare some minutes for me?” i polietly asked. She shrugged and looked up with a forced smile,

“sure i can” she replied,

“Esther hope you won’t mind?” i asked her friend who was calmly watching us with a smile,

“offcourse not” she replied and winked at me. I stepped forward and held Jane’s right hand, she curiously stared at me. I gave her a reassuring smile before leading her to the other room.

“i heard you are leaving?” i asked her,

“yes i’m” she replied,

“but why?” i asked curiously,

“something came up” she answered. I gently held her face with my hands, but she instantly freed herself from my grasp,

“aint you equally leaving? Please just let me be” she muttered.

“please can i have your phone number?” i asked,

“no it’s not necessary” she replied,

“Jane why are you behaving differently?” i heard myself ask, but she just gave me an askance look before turning to leave. I instantly grabbed her left hand, stopping her.

“you know i like you very much and also willing to do anything for you, but what will you do if you are in my position?” i asked. She shook her head, snatched her hand from my grasp and walked away. I swallowed hard, shrugged and grabbed my bag.

I walked into the sitting room and was very surprised to see them all there, including Jane who focused all her attention on the T.v screen.

“guy you will hear from me later, let me go and tidy what brought me here” i explained as i shook hands with Obinna, nodded at Esther and left the apartment without looking at Jane’s direction.

I got to Adaora’s apartment by 9:58am with a heavy mind. She was in the sitting room with Maryam when i got there. She hugged me happily, before carrying my bag.

“what took you so long oga?” she asked with a smile. I shrugged and smiled back…

11am we arrived at Nysc headquarters, and walked to an office where other prospective corpers were waiting to be attended. They weren’t really much probably around thirty of them. I quietly joined the queue unhappily.

“hope you do know aunt Martha works here?, isn’t it better we go and see her?” Adaora whispered into my ear moments later. I smiled and nodded, together we searched for her office which we soon found.

She was with a middle aged young lady when we got to her office, but she left her and quickily attended to us, even though she made it very clear that its against their policy to influence posting, {after Adaora introduced and explained why we came}.

She took my call up letter, checked it and asked us to go home and wait for her phone call, because she couldn’t do anything that very moment.

“Ebere’s Mum was promoted and transferred here from Enugu two months ago” she said to Adaora as we stood to leave,

“serious?” Adaora exclaimed,

“yea lets go and greet her before you leave” she replied and stood up. I stayed behind in her office with the lady she earlier was attending to, while she left with Adaora. I soon became very uncomfortable when i noticed the young lady staring at me as if she knew me somewhere or wanted to say something.

Middle aged{overly matured} ladies has never been in my list of targets, and for the first time i felt insecured like a prey. I somehow understood the look she gave me, without knowing how to react nor respond…..

But however Deep down in my mind, a part of me felt as if i was misunderstanding her…..

F.C.T A land where women are men hunters…..

To be continued….
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