I swallowed hard and looked away, but she surprisingly held my hands again and stared at me with eyes filled with tears,

“i have to get going, i will call you later” i bravely muttered and made to leave her room, but she strongly held me which made me stop and return her gaze,

“so you still havn’t gotten an answer to my question till now?” she asked solemnly while i bit my lips nervously and stared at her with confused eyes,

“chinwe please” i heard myself mutter, but it only made her smile in a funny manner which heightened my confusion,

“just this once, and we part for good” she suddenly added as she stared into my eyes,

“what?” i heard myself ask, but she just turned, walked to her bed and laid down, with her back turned to me.

My joystick instantly raised it’s head a bit, while i scratched my head for some seconds as i pondered over the whole thing,

“d--n” i cursed as i stared at her backside which truly was tempting as ever, but then i equally was wise enough to know that it might be a trap or test to know my reaction.

“or did she mean every word she just said?” i asked myself.

Even though i wanted her body badly that moment i equally didn’t want it to be our last moment together, because just like food i knew i’ll still get hungry for her again probably days or weeks after the deed.

“i’m sorry but i have to get going” i muttered and turned to leave, but before i could open her room door, she called out to me

“val come here” she commanded like a female commandant, i instantly stopped and turned,

“i’m serious, just come” she spoke softly. I obeyed like a loyal dog, drew close and sat beside her on the bed,

“so you were actually leaving?” she asked,

“yea, i can’t stand this scenes anymore” i replied. She breathed deeply and stared into my eyes,

“i don’t know what else to tell you, but you caused it all by choosing her over me” she accused sadly, which really touched my spirit and pushed me to lie beside her,

“enough of that please” i pleaded,

“isn’t it obvious that you fancy me more as a mistress than as a girlfriend or lover?” she asked, but all i did was just to clean the remaining tears in her eyes before kissing her softly,

“no one on earth can define how much i value you” i breathed, while she surprisingly clunged unto me, and my right hand instantly rested on her left b.os.om……

To be continued….
Scene 5 comes up shortly, while “Betrayal” comes up after…..


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