Obinna surprised us with his visit later in the afternoon. Adaora wasn’t pleased to see him, but she just pretended and carried on a smiling face.

I dragged him outside where we settled down on a pavement in front of the house {for our privacy},

“i never knew you know this place” i muttered with a smile,

“see your head, so you never know i be spirit for this city?” he replied with laughter,

“how about Esther and Jane?” i asked,

“the babes still dey my house, they fit leave tomorrow, seriously you fu.cked up for Jane’s side, that girl be tomtom{local slang for make sense, sweet}” he muttered and shook his head. I looked away sadly.

“i thought she was leaving this morning?” i asked,

“she changed her mind when you left” he replied,

“so how far about the nysc stuff?” he enquired. I smiled and told him how it went, including Elinor’s part.

“hmmm guy o boy!” he exclaimed,

“what?” i murmured,

“like how old you think she go dey?” he asked,

“probably between 28-35, can’t really tell” i replied,

“choi so what’s your plan?” he asked,

“nothing bro” i replied. He sighed and shook his head,

“so you mean nothing dey your mind??” he asked,

“yes wetin suppose dey my mind before?” i fired back. He shrugged and stared at me with a dirty smile,

“let me see her phone number” he muttered. I brought out my phone, scrolled down to her number and showed him. He instantly grabbed my phone and dialed the number,

“no” i exclaimed as i tried grab my phone from him, we struggled for a while before he gave it back to me, but it was too late, because my phone already has connected with hers and was beeping. I ended the call and gave him an annoying look.

“see guy me dey interested for that koko, so what you have to do since you don’t need her is to carry me along with any development, i go take over from there” he explained.

My phone started ringing before i could reply him, and it was no other person than Elinor calling, she probably thought i ‘flashed’ her.

“hi dear xup” she greeted,

“cool and bored” i replied,

“hmmm so which should i take, cool or bored?” she jokingly asked,

“this city is so boring ooo” i replied without knowing what else to say,

“serious!” she exclaimed,

“okay let’s meet at Dream chicken & fries at Aminu kano crescent by 5pm, and see whether we could figure out how to make your evening lively” she muttered sweetly,

“wow thanks” i murmured with a fast beating heart,

“please do keep to time, i hate being kept waiting” she added before ending the phone call. I stared at Obinna with a coloured face.

“she wants us to meet at Dream chicken, Aminu crescent” i explained to him. His eyes instantly lit up.

“pheew first stage is now set, i know the place, we will go together and i will take over from there” he muttered happily, while i bit my lips sadly.

Elinor simply wasn’t my type, level nor grade, but to Obinna she really was nothing but fun.

“no wonder Adaora wanted me to avoid him by all means” i reasoned

Can such a matured lady easily be taken for a ride??…


To be continued….
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