Rice chips and chicken were soon ordered, we ate quietly and in silence as if we came there just to eat.

No matter how hard Elinor tried to put on a smiling face, the confusion in her mind still betrayed her.

“when are you returning to south east?” she asked moments later,

“probably this weekend depending” i replied,

“so where do you stay?” she further asked,

“kubwa” i answered,

“c’mon kubwa is a large area, which street?” she asked,

“hmmm i can’t really tell, you know i just came over here from Imo” i replied,

“so you are staying with a friend then?” she inquired,

“yep” i answered,

“the girl i saw with you this morning is she your sister?” she curiously asked,

“no a family friend” i replied,

“and you are staying with her?” she asked with a smile,

“yea” i truthfully answered,

“so how come your day is boring when you have such a beautiful girl keeping you company?” she asked searchingly,

“because she’s just a family friend and nothing more” i lied, while Obinna flashed his bright eyes at me.

Seriously i never have faced the kind of interview or questions Elinor threw at me that evening before, and it really was quite obvious she had hidden plans for me. However She totally ignored obinna and never behaved as if she noticed his intruding presence apart from when food was ordered and few glances she threw at him with careless indifference when we were eating. Her behaviour equally discouraged him from talking to her the way he planned.

“will you be free tomorrow?” she asked after a while,

“i don’t really know” i truthfully answered,

“we can still hang out tomorrow though you will pick the place yourself, i wouldn’t want you asking friends for help” she joked, while i laughed and shrugged,

“no wahala” i replied.

I knew it was obinna’s presence that hindered her from hinting what she had in mind. Our date that evening really was boring or should i say a total failure especially for her, because nothing was achieved, a situation i found pleasant.


“mehn dat lady no make sense at all” obinna muttered as he drove me home. I smiled, stared at him and shook my head. I knew he was just criticizing her because she gave him no chance to implement his plans.

“guy abeg do you know where i can get a good necklace?, i want to buy one” i asked changing the topic,

“hmmm you already want to buy her a necklace?” he murmured suspiciously,

“it’s for Adaora” i explained. He scoffed, gave me a look of disbelief and drove on silently. He finally stopped at a jewel store where i bought an expensive present for Adaora.

“what lead me into doing that?” i seriously can’t tell. Obinna equally never asked or probed me further about Elinor. I guess he felt i was hiding something from him.

9:00PM, Adaora’s House

Sinking down into the bed, between two huge pillows, i buried my head on her chest. She tried to push me away but i held her strongly.

She didn’t yell at me nor complain when i returned around 7:25pm that fateful evening, but her cold behaviour clearly showed how angry she was.

Not only did i stay out very long, i equally was unable to explain where i went with Obinna.

“excuse me” she disdainfully muttered. I rested my hands on her waist my fingers digging into her lower back. I urged her forward so that her front collided with my torso. Her bo.soms were flattened to my chest, and strangely her nip.ples beaded into taut buds that poked her night gown, making her agonizingly aware of herself as a woman.

I brought my mouth inches from her own, and noticed her pulse as it pounded frantically. I knew she was very positive i was going to kiss her that moment, but instead i brought out a small parcel from my pocket, opened the lid and exposed a beautiful necklace set in pale gold.

Her eyes sparkled for a moment before slowly dying down with quick apprehension. Her beautiful lip curled,

“thanks Val, the necklace is fine, but not suitable for me”, “moreover what is the present for?” she asked coldly and suspiciously.

Her words, simple as they were, fell like a thundercloud upon me; The d--n necklace had cost me quite a fortune to get.

“what a proud wife Mum got for me”

To be continued….


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