“but are you very hungry?” Adaora asked, holding my left hand softly,

“baby i already told you to get some rest, let’s manage snacks this afternoon, you can then prepare soup later, okay¿” i muttered and kissed her. She shrugged and breathed deeply, while I gently carried her to her room like a little child.

“hmmm so you have such strength in you?” she teased. I calmly dropped her on the bed, laid beside her with a smile and played with her hair. I seriously couldn’t wait to be free from her, in order to sort out my thoughts, but i had no choice than to first fulfil my obligations to her.

“let me go and get some snacks across the street” i murmured and kissed her,

“just buy only for yourself, i’m not hungry” she closed her eyes and said to me,

“okay dear, i also will be going over to my sister’s place by 4:15pm, she asked me to come” i added quietly,

“hope all is fine?” she asked and opened her eyes,

“yea i guess mum told her about our little fight yesterday” i lied convincingly,

“should i call her?” she asked with concern,

“no don’t bother dear” i caressed her face and replied.

Minutes later, i kissed her forehead and left her to sleep.

I quickily rushed to the other room, opened my travelling bag and brought out the card Elinor gave me the previous day. Just like she said, the card carried the ministry of Agriculture insignia. I shrugged, shook my head and kept the card back in my bag.

“so how is it going to be?” Elinor asked as soon as she answered my phone-call, moments later,

“i’ll be there by 4:30PM” i announced,

“hope you can find your way without an escort?” she asked,

“hehehehe yea” i laughed and answered.


I ran into her at dream chicken’s entrance door,

“hmmm i guess we are both on time” i joked while she laughed. She wore a dark sunglass, white short sleeved shirt and blue plain trouser, just like someone from work_{place}.

” you ain’t looking bad” she muttered as we walked into the restaurant. I smiled and winked at her.

“so have you been redeployed?” she asked as we ate rice moments later,

“not really, the woman helping me didn’t show up in her office today” i replied as i searched her face, but her facial expression still remained the same, very calm and blank. She never mentioned anything about seeing Adaora.

“so apart from searching for a good job after nysc, have you ever thought of other ways to earn cash?” she asked searchingly,

“not really, though i have thought of self employment, but you know it requires good capital, innovation, some training and good exposure to start” i muttered,

“so you mean you can’t be self employed?” she curiously asked,

“no you misunderstood me” i replied and smiled,

“there are still job opportunities out there, which can make you your own boss without even any capital hope you know?” she asked, while i scoffed,

“anyway let’s forget about it for now, in due time i will show you ‘what’s running’ this town and you will thank me for it” she concluded with a pointed look and smile,

“so how about getting to know my residence, i believe it’s our first step” she asked with a seductive smile, while i instantly was at loss whether to accept or decline, due to time factor, because i really didn’t know how much time i might end up spending at her house.

My safety wasn’t my concern that moment because i wasn’t that scared of her, even though i felt that she wasn’t really attracted to me for romance, which gave me a weird feeling.

With crossed fingers i made up my mind to play chess with her……

To be continued…

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