“i know you must be wondering why i picked interest in you” she asked with a smile as she drove towards her house. I smiled, shrugged with a shoulder and kept quiet.

“i just like your statue, especially your height and eyes” she added, while i blushed and looked the other way,

“so what’s so peculiar about my height and eyes?” i asked,

“you large eyes are quite extraordinary, and it’s very hard to find guys with such eyes” she replied, while i smiled and kept quiet as i quickily remembered my childhood {days} when i was often teased{yabbed} because of them.

“so how old are you?” she asked,

“26” i lied,

“hmmm seriously you look younger than your age” she muttered and glanced at me,

“that’s the result of healthy living, i don’t smoke, take alcohol or stress myself” i answered convincingly. She just smiled and drove on.

We finally arrived at her house, which was just twelve minutes drive from the fastfood joint {we met}. We walked into the sitting room, where two girls { younger than her} were engrossed with ludo game. They instantly looked up with searching eyes.
I felt extremely uncomfortably, shy and kind of embarrassed. I thought she was living alone.

“babes meet my corper friend Val” she introduced,

“hi val” they chorused, while i sluggishly shook hands with them before settling down on an empty chair,

“let’s go to my room dear” she muttered seconds later. I calmly obeyed and followed her to a very large room. A room large enough to fit in as a sitting room.

I sat on a small couch which was close to her window, and crossed my legs as if i was relaxed,

“so what do you think about my friends?” she asked as she brought out a ‘FIVE ALIVE” juice from a small fridge,

“they are friendly and cool” i replied,

“ain’t they sexy and beautiful?” she asked with a searching look,

“well they are okay” i replied polietly,

“so have you ever done something with a girl who is older than you?” she asked curiously as she handed me the drink, {placed a glass cup on a small stool beside me}

“yea my first girlfriend gave me two years, we dated for a year and few months during my campus days” i replied with a smile,

“hmmm i guess it was a terrible experience?” she asked,

“no an educative one” i murmured and drank the juice. She quietly sat beside me, held my left hand softly. I stared curiously at her with a fast beating heart.

“how good are you?” she asked with a pointed look,

“hmmm i don’t understand” i mumured,

“do you have a girlfriend?” she asked,

“nope” i lied,

“why?” she curiously inquired,

“i hate being tied down, when i’m not yet ready to marry, besides maintaining a girl isn’t easy these days, and i do hate insults” i lied. she breathed deeply, stood up, reached for her handbag and brought out a picture, which she handed to me.

“what do you have to say about her? ” she asked, while my eyes burned as they stared at the picture…

To be continued….
MIRABILIS {wondrous Beauty}
starts August
only on coolval22.com

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