“she’s cute” i replied quietly as i stared at the young woman in the picture probably in her late twenties if not more. However She really was very sexy and attractive. I couldn’t help but wonder which direction Elinor was heading.

“she’s very rich and classy, even much more beautiful than you see in this picture, a business lady who owns two large beauty salons, a boutique and two supermarkets” she advertised,

“hmmm she’s quite rich” i murmured,

“yea and i will like you to meet her, i already told her about you and she can’t wait to grace her eyes upon you” she muttered as she caressed my shoulder. I instantly gasped in shock.

“but what for? isn’t she married?” i asked after i found my voice, while my brain busied itself with putting her motives together,

“is she arranging me for her” i asked myself fearfully,

“hmmm well she is a divorcee with two small kids, she married very early, probably at 23, but i bet you will like her, she’s a good friend of mine” she explained.

“seriously i’m not cut out for that kind of thing” i murmured uneasily, “my friend obinna, the guy i came with the first time we met at the fastfood joint can do all you want to perfection” i added.

“i detest that guy, he looks like a con artist, didn’t you notice how hungrily he was staring at me that day? Moreover my friend will have a heart attack simply by looking at him, but someone like you, very calm, calculative, respectful and intelligent will bring her to her knees” she cajoled,

I breathed deeply lost in thought. I seriously havn’t even gotten the courage to date a single lady like Elinor more or less her married friend whose husband may even be dead, because i knew divorcee is also a term most commonly used for young widows as well as ladies who prefer being single mothers {other than getting married}.

“but you know i may not be staying for long in this city” i reminded her,

“yea and that makes you very much the ideal guy. You see, my friend is very reserved and hates scandals very much, that’s the main reason she refused to have any affair with guys in her class, but someone like you who won’t be very much around is very ideal, because you will only visit whenever she invites you” she explained with a sweet smile, while i shrugged and looked away. The only question in my mind that moment was,

should i accept or decline?

To be continued….


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