“i’m so glad to meet you, my name is Tessy” she said to me with a smile as we settled down beside her,

“me too, Elinor really couldn’t stop praising you” i replied sweetly,

“serious!” she exclaimed, folded her hands and stared at Elinor, who just smiled and watched us quietly,

“just a moment please, excuse me” she said with a cute smile, stood up and left us graceful. I stared at her backside longer than required without knowing Elinor’s eyes were on me.

“i see you like her” she murmured with a smile,

“so just play along and allow me to coach you, i know you ain’t used to this kind of stuff, but don’t worry you are doing great. we stand to benefit alot from this, hope you saw how she was staring at you? she has a very soft spot for young guys, anyway she’s also a very nice person and worth millions” she added and winked at me,

“but you know i havn’t yet accepted?” i asked nervously, she just scoffed and rolled her eyes,

“cm’on dear don’t be a pu.ssy, let’s do this deal together, can’t you see it’s already going smoothly” she cajoled, but i couldn’t reply her because Tessy returned to her chair that moment, with a waiter who brought fruit juice, rice chips and chicken for us.

They {Tessy and Elinor} kept exchanging glances as they discussed with their eyes {all through the course of the meal}. I pretended not to notice them and focused my mind on my thoughts,

“no wonder Elinor is very anxious for this to work, it’s all about the money, this is definetly getting more dangerous” i reasoned, “yea Frank is very right, Elinor thinks she can use my soft nature to manipulate and cut herself a deal” i noted calmly.

“val i’ll call you later, i’m off to my office, dear Tessy please take good care of him, he’s very delicate abeg” Elinor said and støod up without warning, while Tessy smiled and nodded with understanding,

“sure dear, i won’t harm your boy” she replied. I instantly gasped with food in my mouth unable to mutter anything, looking very foolish like a christmas goat…..

To be continued…..

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