“hope you ain’t uncomfortable?” Tessy asked curiously, while i faked a smile and shook my head,

“not in any way” i replied, regained my composure and continued eating,

” so what really did Elinor tell you about me?” she asked, as she effortlessly tried to start up a conversation,

“lots of good stuff, especially how beautiful, friendly, reserved and young you are” i replied,

“so did i meet up with all of them?” she asked,

“yep, and i can’t imagine how you do manage to keep guys away” i answered calmly,

“i like you very much, you speak well like someone from a nice family, tell me about your people” she asked curiously. I swallowed hard and looked away. The last thing i wanted to do that moment was to tell her about my family. I breathed deeply, stared at her with a smile and quickly created a story in my mind.

Luckily my phone rang before i was able to pour out the bunch of lies i made up. My heart leapt when i saw it was Adaora calling,

“oga where you dey nau? The door is locked and i can’t get into the house” she muttered, while i bit my lips and glanced at my watch; 1:30PM it read,

“d--n” i cursed quietly. Tessy’s eyes glued on me as if she was reading my mood,

“i rushed out to see a friend, i’m already on my way back, please just give me five minutes” i begged,

“okay” she murmured sadly. I heaved a sigh and returned Tessy’s look,

“so what’s up?” she asked,

“the person i’m staying with just returned from work and i left with the house keys” i explained. She bit her lips and shook her head sadly,

“cm’on dear there are still many more days ahead” i quietly said to her,

“there isn’t any need crying over split milk, let me have your phone number” she murmured and shrugged. I smiled collected her phone and entered it.

“can we meet tonight?” she asked,

“no i hardly go out at night, i was raised that way, i think tomorrow will be alright” i replied, while she stared at me with disbelief,

“i really havn’t met a young guy who hates going out at night, you are really different and i admire you more for that” she flattered while i blushed,

“please i wish to start going” i murmured and stood up,

“i can drop you at your place” she offered. I instantly shook my head and winked at her,

“thanks dear don’t bother” i replied and hurriedly left the restaurant without waiting for her reply.
I really can’t imagine what Adaora’s reaction will be if she catches her dropping me…

I returned home 20minutes later, to meet a very furious Adaora waiting for me. I needed no one to tell me what will happen next.

Hmmmm but it was all my fault because i left my young bethrothed to go after older ladies which really is a big taboo. I smiled, crossed my fingers and waited for her reaction with guilt…..

To be continued shortly…

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