“i’m very sorry dear” i apologized, pecked her and opened the door,

“next time i won’t leave this house without my spare keys” she murmured to herself as she walked into the living room. I shrugged, breathed deeply and followed her, eagerly awaiting her outburst which i knew would soon pour on me.

“here is your call up letter, Nassarawa camp things, but you were redeployed to Imo, that’s the best she could do for you against my wish” she said coldly, and gave me my call up letter.

“thanks” i murmured and tried to kiss her. She pushed me aside and walked into her room. Tessy called me {on phone} seconds later. I rushed into the other room locked the door and answered her phone-call.

“hey hope you got home safely?” she asked,

“yep thanks for checking up on me” i replied,

“i just came into my office seconds ago” she added,

“that’s cool, later nau” i murmured,

“hmmm not so fast, or are you very anxious to end my call?” she asked. I swallowed hard, while my heart froze because just that moment Adaora turned the door knob and began knocking on the door when she couldn’t open it.

I instantly opened my phone ‘back-cover’ took out the battery, inserted it back, replaced the back cover and threw the phone inside my trouser pocket before opening the door.

“are you having lunch with me or is your stomach filled up?” she asked coldly with suspicion in her eyes.

“yes dear i’m very hungry” i replied with a smile which made me look a little bit silly because there really was nothing to smile about. I equally wasn’t hungry but had to lie in order to save myself the explanation, even though she surprisingly never asked any prying questions which was very much unlike her.
She gave me an askance look and left the room with a sneer.

Seriously her behaviour left me very agitated because i really didn’t know what to expect from her, what was in her mind or how much she knew about my movements. But one thing i knew for certain was that the level of trust she had for me really wasn’t much anymore. A fact which really terrified me, especially when i couldn’t guess what she was habouring in her mind.

Even though we do hate girls who nags alot, they are sometimes very much preferable than silent cold hearted ones who do keep their feelings strongly locked, because you never can predict their actions. A new strategy which Adaora surprisingly implemented.

I had no choice than to try my best to infiltrate her mind, lie about my movements and make peace with her. A very terrible task considering how strong hearted she could be sometimes….

“but why allow myself to be cajoled by Elinor and Tessy?” hmmm i guess there won’t be any adventure if i wasn’t cajoled.

Isn’t it very silly, risking everything for the sake of adventure?? Hmmmm

But wait, i never did accept their offer or did i??

To be continued….

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