I gently dropped the phone back in my bag, locked and returned the bag to its position, went to the dinning room, sat down and waited for lunch.

Lunch was soon served and we ate quietly. I threw occasional glances at Adaora without knowing what to say to her,

ma petite” i called one at a time, but she kept quiet and ignored me,

“wifey, answer me nau” i begged,

“öginidú{what is it}, leave me alone and eat your meal” she murmured,

“i’m sorry for everything” i apologized quietly. She scoffed, looked at me and shook her head.

“you are always ready and quick to apologize” she muttered. I shrugged with a shoulder and stared back at her,

“i just learnt from you, that people who are always quick to apologize are the greatest sinners” she added, scoffed again and swallowed a ball of garri.

“just keep on doing whatever you feel like, i’m tired of sticking my nose into your affair, here is Abuja and not Owerri, H.I.V is very real and cheap in this city” she muttered and faced her meal.

“i really don’t know what you are habouring inside, but your comments have shown the level you kept me” i replied and sighed.

“let’s stop all these abeg, and better start preparing yourself for NYSC camping which is just days away” she expertly changed the topic with a cold smile. I shook my head, covered my food and left the table.

“you could have said you ain’t hungry mister” she mocked as i walked away.


She woke me from sleep, sat by my side and stared at me with a cold smile,

“i guess you are enjoying the rain huh?” she asked. I rubbed my eyes, sat up and stared out of the window{close by},

“sorry for waking you, but mum authorized me, she wants to speak with you” she explained and handed her phone to me,

“good afternoon ma” i greeted,

“good evening sir” she replied, “when are you returning, Adaora told me you guys have sorted out your redeployment issue?” she asked,

“i don’t know mum” i answered like a silly boy,

“you don’t know?” she repeated with a raised tone, “anyway what happened to your phones, none is connecting” she asked,

“i switched them off ma” i replied, while she sighed,

“give Adaora back her phone jare, let me talk to her” she muttered angrily. I obeyed without hesistation. Adaora collected her phone and left the room……

Mum’s question really got me back to my senses, i suddenly realised that my stay in Abuja was almost over, which pained me, because i really was begining to enjoy it.

“seriously we need to talk” Adaora returned to my room with both hands on her waist, looking very serious and mean.

“what again?” i asked inquisitively,

“first, where are your phones, i only have seen one since you came here, i want to know everything you are hiding, i can’t keep quiet anymore, after all my health and life is also involved” she asked defiantly. I fell back on my bed and thought of how best to escape her latest tantrum.

Her eyes showed how determined she was, and i couldn’t help wondering whether mum who always have been a peace advocate sold such idea into her head or whether she just suddenly felt like confronting me.

Whatever it was, i knew i surely needed divine intervention or a very smart move to save myself….

To be continued….

MIRABILIS {wondrous Beauty}
starts August

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